Thursday, January 24, 2013

Predicament Bondage

 One of J's favorite things is to put me into predicaments and watch me struggle to meet Her expectations. Whether it's a mean game of Twister, an onion gag or keeping me beneath Her all day i am constantly amazed at J's ability to dream up new challenges. And i adore (adore!) the wry little smile She gets on Her face while testing me and watching me struggle. That look, combined with Her bubbling, yet still a little evil laugh, always makes me immensely happy.

And She shows no signs of letting up. One night last week we were lying in bed, kissing and touching and working each other up. J clamped my nipples and had me bring Her to orgasm with my tongue, which i did eagerly, making Her scream with delight twice (hooray!). Afterwards She ordered me to sit up with my back against the wall and knees bent in front.

J got that smile on Her face again...

"So...I have a challenge for You, dear. You ready for a challenge?"

Seeing that smile i could not respond quickly enough, "Yes, my Lady."


J leaned over and reached into our toy bag and pulled out a short length of string. She had used this to tie my cock up a couple of times but it was not something we used all that often.  She tied a knot around the chain between my nipple clamps and then with a wicked grin slid down and tied the other end around my big toe.

i felt the chain pulling away, pinching my nipples tighter as the clover clamps did their work.

"Now stand up, slave," J ordered.

i tried to stand and immediately figured out Her evil plan. With my clamps tied to my toe i actually couldn't stand straight at all...not even close. i was forced into an awkward, hunched over position, and even then the clamps were digging mercilessly into my nipples, which were screaming with agony.

J smiled. "Now go and fetch me a coke, slave."

i did the best i could to hobble out of our bedroom and to the kitchen, Each time i faltered or took a bad step the clamps made me gasp and howl.

"Faster, slave!" J barked from the bedroom.

i hustled as best i could and returned with the soda. J looked at me and gave me a small laugh, the one She uses when Her imagination is really in overdrive.

" ice?"

" my Lady. i am sorry, my Lady," i breathed, my heart racing and cheeks flushed as i stodd bent over before Her.

"Well, that won't do. Go and bring me a glass of ice, slave."

As i started to hobble again to the kitchen i heard J get up and follow me.

"I actually want to watch this," She smiled.

i had to lift my foot high just to be able to reach high enough to get a glass out of cabinet. The freezer was just as high. i placed the glass down and then started to lift myself into the awkward and humiliating position, my ears ringing with J's laughter when She stopped me.

"I think this is to easy, dear...don't you agree?"

"Yes my Lady," was my reply. The only proper reply, even if i did not agree.

J moved the cup to the other side of the kitchen.

" ice cube at a time. And I want six in my glass."

i immediately lifted my foot, shaking as i got a single ice cube out of the freezer. i brought it over to the glass, then returned to do the second. By the time i did six my legs were in agony, nipples screaming and my whole body was shaking and even a little sweaty. J had had a good laugh at my expense, and looked at me as i put the last cube in the glass.

"Good boy," She cooed. My heart melted.

J reached down and removed the nipple clamps. The blood rushing back made me scream as the clamps came off.  i screamed even louder when J gave each nipple a cruel twist, and gasped, gazing at Her.

J pointed to the ground. "Now what do you say?"

i knelt, lowered my head and kissed Her foot. "Thank You, my Lady," i breathed.  i did the same for the second foot, then returned to a kneeling position. J caressed my cheek with Her hand and i gazed up at Her, transfixed.

J had me remove the string from my toe and then crawl behind Her back to the bedroom. She threw me down on the bed on my back and climbed on top, sliding Her wet sex over me.  i gasped in joy and adoration, then screamed as J again twisted my nipples.  her face was flushed as She rode me, twisting my nipples off and on just to watch me scream and squirm.  After She came again She allowed me to come as well, and i exploded almost instantly.

J said that had i dropped any ice cubes i would not have been allowed to release, but because She was impressed i was able to focus She decided i deserved that reward.

i whispered "thank You, Mistress," as we lied in each other's arms, my heart filled with joy and wonder at this amazing Wife of mine, and how much i belong to Her. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Brushing Her Hair

The other morning J beckoned me into the bathroom after Her shower.  This was a first, and i walked into the bathroom with my heart leaping.

"Go and fetch a chair from the kitchen, dear," J commanded. She stood in the short robe She sometimes wears after a shower. It only comes down just below Her waist, so Her long legs were fully exposed, and the robe was clinging to Her still damp form deliciously. As is often the case i found myself gazing in awe at Her, feeling so lucky to be with Her.

J looked at me with amusement..."like the view?"

"Yes, My Lady," i whispered in a voice more throaty than i expected.

J just smiled, then the look in Her eye changed rather quickly.

"Didn't I just ask for something, slave?" She demanded, a harder edge in her voice.

i jumped at the tone and immediately hurried off to the kitchen. i quickly returned with a small wooden chair from our breakfast table.

J smiled. "Good job, slave. Now place it before the mirror."

i did as ordered and J sat down. She pointed to the ground at Her side and i knelt. She then picked up a hairbrush and looked at me.

"Now you are going to brush my hair, slave. I expect you to be careful and attentive, do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lady," i whispered.

"Good. Because there will be consequences if you are not." J looked at me for a moment, and then a small smile formed on her perfect lips. "In fact, because you delayed in bringing the chair, I think I will show you exactly what the consequences will be."

J grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet, then ordered me to strip. Once i was naked She guided me down over Her lap, my ass in position.

SMACK! Down came Her hard wooden hairbrush on my ass. i yelped at the sharp sting and gritted my teeth, knowing more was coming.

J gave me 20 good spanks with the hairbrush, and by the time She was done my ass was red, by breath was short and tears had begun to form in my eyes. She slid Her hand across my ass, feeling the heat and cooing Her approval.

"Mmmmm....very nice. Now you are to kneel on the floor behind me and brush my hair. And be careful! Any tangles, snags or hair pulling will be met with more of what you just got. Understand?" J had a wicked smile as i twisted and looked up at Her.

"Yes My Lady," i whispered.

i stood and then went behind the chair and knelt down on the hard, unforgiving bathroom floor. J gave me Her brush and began to slowly move it through Her beautiful hair. She closed Her eyes, Her body relaxing as i began.

It was an incredibly sensual and submissive knees already starting to ache from the cold, hard floor, my Lady so relaxed and comfortable with putting me into service, my hands shaking slightly as i moved the brush.

When i hit the first tangle and pulled too hard, yanking Her hair, my mood went from sensual to scared pretty fast.

"OUCH! Now what was that, slave?" J demanded.

"i'm sorry, Mistress...i just got too excited."

"Well...sorry isn't good enough. Get back up here. NOW."

i climbed again over J's lap and She was ruthless with the hairbrush spanking. Again and again the brush tormented my ass and the backs of my thighs. J would pause occasionally and caress the hot flesh, seeming to enjoy it, and then continue. i lost count of many She gave me, but i know i was trembling, sore and teary-eyed by the time She was done.

i was then ordered back to my knees to finish brushing. i was extra careful after the spanking, though i did pull too hard one more time before it was done. And was again ruthlessly punished for it.

By the time J deemed my task complete my knees were aching, whole body trembling and ass and thighs still burning from the spanking. J had me crawl around to the side of Her and placed a long, slow kiss on my lips while i knelt beside Her.

"Well done, slave. you may return the chair to the kitchen and finish making coffee."

The whole experience was amazing, and different for a couple of reasons. One, we don't do a lot of play in the mornings, and i found that my head was spinning all day after the experience. While i was distracted at work and often found myself hardening up, i loved the fact that i had the whole day to relive the recent memory.

The other novel thing was how J simply came up with a small bit of service and how relaxed it seemed to make Her to simply lean back, close Her eyes and allow me to serve Her. This is great progress from our early days of exploring a femdom relationship, as i often put lots of pressure on Her and J often felt like being a dominant wife was a lot of work. Which it certainly can be. But these small moments of simple servitude are truly wonderful, and a great reflection of how far we have come.

J has indicated that i will be learning how to better brush Her hair in the future, and i am definitely looking forward to it! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Beauty of Worship

J and i have a very loving relationship. We had one before we started on our new Femdom adventure, and our relationship only continues to grow as we further our exploration down this wonderful path. Most of the time i would characterize our experiences as "play," though there are times where the sensual connections and deep eroticism of J's growing dominance of me reaches almost rapturous heights. The other night was one such occasion.

We were sitting on the couch idly watching TV. J had earlier had me bring Her a glass of wine and then enjoyed a lengthy foot massage provided by me, one where i kissed, caressed and massaged every inch of Her soles, arches, toe, heels and ankles. She purred Her contentment and i grinned at Her as i often do while we are experiencing these sorts of moments.

J then surprised me by sliding down to the floor and stretching out on our rug.

"Undress me," She whispered, in a voice both soft and commanding.

i (of course!) eagerly began to comply, sliding down to the floor. i started unbuttoning Her shirt when J caught my hand, bringing it up to Her lips and placing a soft kiss.

"Slowly, slave," She whispered again.

i gazed into Her eyes and then kissed Her lips softly, then Her neck. i unbuttoned one button, kissing Her collarbone and moving my hands up and down Her body. She purred in approval.

i undid the next button, kissing down the exposed narrow V of Her body, my lips brushing against the white lacy bra that was now peeking out. J slid Her hand through my hair.

i kept going, each button opening followed by soft worshipful kisses to Her gorgeous skin. As i reached the last i slid Her shirt off Her shoulders. It spread behind her. i then slid one bra strap down, following it across Her shoulders and upper arm with kisses as J lay back. Her legs began sliding up and down, a sure sign She was enjoying Herself.

J sat up briefly, allowing me to unclasp Her bra and kissing me deeply and passionately. She then laid back down and i began slowly...ever so slowly...sliding her knee-length skirt down her gorgeous legs. i kissed between her thighs, along each inner thigh and down to the knee as i moved the skirt farther down.

After the skirt came Her socks, then Her panties. my amazing Wife then lay naked, stretched before me.

"Kiss me here slave," She ordered, pointing to Her neck.

i slid over Her, feeling Her breasts against my shirt, my legs straddling Her thigh as i placed kiss after kiss on Her perfect neck. She eventually pushed me back up so i was kneeling before Her perfection.

"Now here," She whispered, pointing to Her right breast.

i slid down again, my tongue caressing around her breast, teasing Her nipple. She had me return to my kneeling position again.

"Now here." J pointed to Her inner thigh.

This continued, as J pointed to Her stomach...then Her left foot...then Her left collarbone....then Her lips....then between her legs, where the warmth and dampness told me She was definitely enjoying Herself....then Her neck again....then between Her breasts.

i worshiped almost every inch of Her, following Her commands as She led me where She wished me to go. Then J looked up at me with that wonderful smile, sat up and kissed me deeply, grabbed me by the hair and with a single look let me know She was ready. She slid Her legs apart and allowed me inside Her...the feeling of devotion i had was almost overwhelming.

After a short time J pushed me back, then guided my head between Her thighs, Her sex dripping and eager for my service. i devoted myself to the task with a feeling of such yearning, and J's breathing quickly became short...moans escaped her lips and i brought her to orgasm, then after a short rest where i kissed every molecule of flesh on her thighs i brought Her to orgasm again. She then allowed me back inside Her and ordered me to cum, which did not take long. i felt a huge wave of emotion wash over me as i came, and J smiled at me with love as i trembled, collapsing into Her arms.

As we lay in bed later that night i was still feeling overwhelmed with devotion and gratitude, and in how while we have a lot of fun with our Femdom adventures, the simple beauty of worshiping Her body is in many ways the pinnacle of what it means to be Hers. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hope all of you had wonderful holidays! We sure did, lots of fun family time and fun, um, alone time. :-) And some great of which has already become an amazing new part of our Femdom marriage and one of J's new favorite activities.

One of my present from J was a copy of the classic old game Twister. For those of you who don't know the game, it's an old game with a grid of colored circles that you put on the floor. You play by spinning a wheel that lands on one of the colors and one of your hands or feet. So each time you spin you get something like "right hand on red" or "left foot on blue."

Now usually you play this game with a few people on the board and the goal is to be able to put your hands and feet where you are supposed to without falling down. The last person who can stay up is then declared the winner. But J had something different in where i was the only person on the grid and where, well, i think we both end up winners! :-)

We set up the grid in the basement, J ordered me to strip, kneel and kiss her feet. She put my collar around my neck and then had me kneel before the grid of circles, head lowered.

"you are in for it today, dear...Merry Christmas my slave," J whispered in my ear. i trembled as She laughed softly and then spun the wheel.

'Right hand red' came up first and i slid my hand onto the red circle.
'Left foot blue' was next and i complied.

J kept spinning the wheel, and i eventually ended up with both feet and hands on the grid, my hands crossed awkwardly and feet spread wide as i struggled to maintain position.

"Hmmmm...that will work," J smiled.

WHACK! Down came the flogger on my butt, the leather straps licking the inside of my spread thighs. J started flogging me while i struggled to keep my position, Her strokes coming faster and harder. i was shaking visibly, my shoulders aching, feet sliding and cock stiffening as She laughed and flogged me mercilessly.

i was somehow able to hold position for 20 strokes of the flogger. J slid Her hand along my thigh and burning ass and cooed "well done, slave." i twisted my head to gaze at Her and was incredibly aroused by the devilish and playful look on Her face.

"Let's keep playing, up to it?"

"Yes my Lady," i whispered back, though i was not sure i was.

J kept spinning the wheel until She got me in a position She liked. This time i had to turn over to keep my hands and feet on the right spots and was holding myself up awkwardly with my hands behind me and feet spread again when J stopped.

She grabbed the crop, smiled and said "twenty more, slave. Now don't fall..."

WHACK came the crop across my inner left thigh. The sting made me gasp but J kept it up, cropping my on the inside of each thigh. i lasted nine strokes before i stumbled and fell.

"Oh dear...tsk, tsk, tsk. What happened?" J smiled evilly.

" sorry Mistress. i..couldn't stay up."

"Well...some punishment is definitely in order, slave," J smiled.

i was ordered to crawl to Her feet and then forced to draw from the punishment box. i drew cold shower and was forced to endure a cold shower with J sitting nearby laughing as i danced under the freezing water. We then returned to play twister some more, which J seemingly could not get enough of.

We have played a few more times, as we both enjoy the game and J in particular seems to relish watching me struggle to stay up in position while She tortures me. She has even texted me three times from work weith the single word "twister," which means i am to get the game out and bring it to our basement along with our toys and then be kneeling next to it naked upon Her arrival home.

We have mixed it up some as well. J decided once that She would simply flog, spank or paddle me after each 5 spins of the wheel regardless of the position i was in. We have also brought dice down to determine which implement should be used where. This had led to my being put in all kinds of predicaments! And each time i fall or falter i draw from the punishment box, and then we play again.

It is all immense fun, especially because i loooooove seeing how much pleasure and delight J gets from watching me struggle. Her smile is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and Her wicked laugh is music to my ears.

i cannot recommend it enough: go out and get yourself a copy of Twister. i never would have thought of it, but J's mind has brought yet another wonderful element of our loving Femdom marriage.

Happy New year to you all, one of my resolutions is to blog more so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in 2013!