Monday, February 25, 2013

Punished, Part 1

A little while ago i made a grave mistake...i accidentally deleted a comment from the wonderful Lady Grey, who has been kind enough to share Her thoughts and suggestions with us on this blog. That is bad enough, but even worse it was a comment intended for my Lady J, and She was unable to read it before i stupidly deleted it.

i was mortified at my mistake, and J was furious. Lady Grey was also upset, which made things even worse as i am a great admirer of Hers and always very grateful that She takes the time to read and comment on this blog.

So...punishment was definitely in order. Obviously J was going to punish me severely for my transgression, but She also decided that Lady Grey should have the chance to suggest a punishment as well. Which She did as a comment on this previous post, part of which i have reprinted below:
Therefore, my suggestion to J is that she seat you at a writing table, and attach the clover clamps to your nipples. Using her favorite string, J would then tie one end to the chain between the clamps and the other end to your wrists so that the tension on the string is taut and your body bent a bit forward when you're writing. Once that position is reached, I would ask J to move the papers you're going to write on another few inches away from your hands, with instructions that your body should not move forward any farther. That should supply a considerable amount of tension between your hands and the clamps, with adjustments that I'm sure J can make.

Now the writing. I'd suggest that you fill one page with about 25 lines of the following:
"I will never again accidentally erase comments to my blog". After a page is complete, J should kindly remove your clamps, check for accuracy and neatness, and then replace the clamps in either the same or a slightly different spot (my personal preference) on your nipples. I would think that four pages of this assignment, with the clamps going off and on with each page, would be sufficient, but J certainly has the option of increasing that amount if she's unhappy with the look of your writing. No doubt you will be somewhat amazed at the increased level of discomfort with each "off and on". Should be great fun, don't you think, and a reminder to be more careful in the future.

I might add, as I did in the "lost" comment, that my husband has been trained not to make a sound when clamps go on and off. Not a yell, not even a gasp. It took awhile for him to achieve this, but I certainly enjoyed the training sessions and the punishments for any failures on his part. Now, he is quite good about the lack of "noise" I desire. Just a thought:)
 J smiled wide when She read this and deemed it an excellent punishment. She also told me that there would be extensive punishment from her as well. We were unable to find the time for a little while due to various life things (work, colds, etc.) but last weekend J unleashed both Lady Grey's punishment as well as the one from Her. i have decided to cover my punishment from Lady Grey here first, then J's punishment for me in a later post.

J began with Lady Grey's punishment as outlined above. We don't a writing table per se, but J positioned me at the dining room table for this punishment. i was naked, with my balls secured to the chair back behind me with a string between my legs, to further keep me in place and remind me not to move forward while writing.

J attached the clamps to my nipples and the string to my wrist, then smiled as She slid the papers *just* out of reach. i had to slide my hand to start writing, and the tension on my nipples was already intense as i began. i got through the first page of 25 lines with J watching, a wicked smile on Her face. As suggested, J removed my clamps as She inspected my work.

As also suggested by Lady Grey, J ordered me to be silent as the clamps came on and off...i was able to do so when they came off, but failed when J put them back on, a sharp intake of breath and a yelp giving me away.

J just smiled, balled up the paper with my first set of lines on it and threw it away and said, " you have to start again, don't you dear?"

i felt my heart sink, meekly said "yes, my Lady," and began again.

i did the 25 lines again and awaited J's evaluation. She removed the clamps again and slid the chain into my mouth. My nipples were already screaming as the blood rushed back to them, but i stayed silent as J read my work. She deemed the lines acceptable, and i was able to keep silent when the clamps came back on so i was allowed to start page 2. J slid the papers a little farther away and told me to begin.

i was breathing a little heavy, my nipples screaming from the pain as my hand moved to write the second set of lines. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead as i concentrated, Lady Grey's admonition to pay attention to what i was doing ringing in my head.

i finished the second set of lines and J deemed those acceptable as well. i breathed a sigh of relief, especially after i struggled, but succeeded, to stay silent as the clamps came off and on again. J slid the papers farther away and ordered me to begin again.

i was struggling as i made my way through the third set of lines, but finished. J removed my clamps and it took all i had not to scream as the clamps came off as She reviewed my work. After a minute She balled up the paper and threw it in my face.

"You made two mistakes already and I'm not even halfway down the page!" J slapped me hard across the face, her eyes flashing angrily.

i was mortified. "i...i'm sorry my Lady."

J slid my chair back away from the table and climbed on my lap, straddling me and staring right into my eyes.

"Sorry?!? That's not good you not appreciate the time...the thought that Lady Grey and I are putting into your punishment?!" J's eyes flashed as She stared into me.

"i...i do my Lady," i whimpered back, ashamed at my failings. "i deserve all the punishment You and Lady Grey deem necessary."

J stared at me. "Make me believe you," was all She said.

J then grabbed my throbbing nipples and twisted them cruelly. i screamed and She stared into my eyes.

"Make me believe you," She said again.

My heart was racing, nipples screeeeaming, eyes wide as J stared at me, twisting my already burning nipples cruelly. "i...i deserse this punishment!" i yelled.

"Louder!" J replied, twisting harder.

"i deserve this!" i yelled.

J slapped me once hard then twisted again. "Now thank Me!" She yelled into my face.

"Thank You My Lady!" i yelled, tears streaming down my face.

"Again!" J slapped me and twisted again.

"THANK YOU MY LADY" i screamed...probably loud enough for the neighbors across the street to hear.

J released my nipples and took my chin in Her hand and stared at me. "Now are you ready to finish? And not disappoint me?"

my heart was racing and breath coming in gulps. i had rarely felt so taken by J...Her forcefulness had rocked me back into a deep subspace.

"yes my Lady," i said, gazing at her with fear and wonder.

J got off my lap and took the nipple clamps off the table and reattached them. i was more focused than i can ever remember, my whole being driven to stay silent...which i did.

J then slid the papers away and told me to begin again.  i finished the third set of lines, trembling as J removed my clamps and reviewed my work. She smiled, kissed me once and said "much better, slave..." before reclamping my nipples again.

J moved the pages almost out of reach and told me to begin my last set of lines. She climbed up on the table and held a foot out for me to kiss, which i did eagerly. Tears were flowing freely down my cheeks, my body was shaking and nipples in more agony that i can ever remember as i strained to reach the page and do my last set of lines.

Yet my focus was there, perhaps as never before. The intensity of the punishment, and of J's reaction to my previous failures, helped me dig deep and find the strength to finish...all to please Her.

i finished the last set of lines...J unclamped me and looked at the page. She held it for what seemed like an whole body shaking as i awaited Her verdict.

After letting me twist in the wind J smiled and said, "Well done, slave. Now what do you say?"

"Thank You My Lady," i breathed, my heart filled with gratitude as it rose, glad the punishment was over, yet grateful that my Lady--and Lady Grey--had taken the time to correct me.

Special thanks to the incomparable Lady Grey, not only for being thoughtful enough to provide me with a chance to redeem myself in Her eyes through such punishment, but also for all the lovely comments She has provided. i hope this is satisfactory for You...and if not J has said She will do whatever it takes until You are satisfied.

As this seems long enough i will save J's punishment for me for another post...