Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hope all of you had wonderful holidays! We sure did, lots of fun family time and fun, um, alone time. :-) And some great of which has already become an amazing new part of our Femdom marriage and one of J's new favorite activities.

One of my present from J was a copy of the classic old game Twister. For those of you who don't know the game, it's an old game with a grid of colored circles that you put on the floor. You play by spinning a wheel that lands on one of the colors and one of your hands or feet. So each time you spin you get something like "right hand on red" or "left foot on blue."

Now usually you play this game with a few people on the board and the goal is to be able to put your hands and feet where you are supposed to without falling down. The last person who can stay up is then declared the winner. But J had something different in where i was the only person on the grid and where, well, i think we both end up winners! :-)

We set up the grid in the basement, J ordered me to strip, kneel and kiss her feet. She put my collar around my neck and then had me kneel before the grid of circles, head lowered.

"you are in for it today, dear...Merry Christmas my slave," J whispered in my ear. i trembled as She laughed softly and then spun the wheel.

'Right hand red' came up first and i slid my hand onto the red circle.
'Left foot blue' was next and i complied.

J kept spinning the wheel, and i eventually ended up with both feet and hands on the grid, my hands crossed awkwardly and feet spread wide as i struggled to maintain position.

"Hmmmm...that will work," J smiled.

WHACK! Down came the flogger on my butt, the leather straps licking the inside of my spread thighs. J started flogging me while i struggled to keep my position, Her strokes coming faster and harder. i was shaking visibly, my shoulders aching, feet sliding and cock stiffening as She laughed and flogged me mercilessly.

i was somehow able to hold position for 20 strokes of the flogger. J slid Her hand along my thigh and burning ass and cooed "well done, slave." i twisted my head to gaze at Her and was incredibly aroused by the devilish and playful look on Her face.

"Let's keep playing, up to it?"

"Yes my Lady," i whispered back, though i was not sure i was.

J kept spinning the wheel until She got me in a position She liked. This time i had to turn over to keep my hands and feet on the right spots and was holding myself up awkwardly with my hands behind me and feet spread again when J stopped.

She grabbed the crop, smiled and said "twenty more, slave. Now don't fall..."

WHACK came the crop across my inner left thigh. The sting made me gasp but J kept it up, cropping my on the inside of each thigh. i lasted nine strokes before i stumbled and fell.

"Oh dear...tsk, tsk, tsk. What happened?" J smiled evilly.

" sorry Mistress. i..couldn't stay up."

"Well...some punishment is definitely in order, slave," J smiled.

i was ordered to crawl to Her feet and then forced to draw from the punishment box. i drew cold shower and was forced to endure a cold shower with J sitting nearby laughing as i danced under the freezing water. We then returned to play twister some more, which J seemingly could not get enough of.

We have played a few more times, as we both enjoy the game and J in particular seems to relish watching me struggle to stay up in position while She tortures me. She has even texted me three times from work weith the single word "twister," which means i am to get the game out and bring it to our basement along with our toys and then be kneeling next to it naked upon Her arrival home.

We have mixed it up some as well. J decided once that She would simply flog, spank or paddle me after each 5 spins of the wheel regardless of the position i was in. We have also brought dice down to determine which implement should be used where. This had led to my being put in all kinds of predicaments! And each time i fall or falter i draw from the punishment box, and then we play again.

It is all immense fun, especially because i loooooove seeing how much pleasure and delight J gets from watching me struggle. Her smile is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and Her wicked laugh is music to my ears.

i cannot recommend it enough: go out and get yourself a copy of Twister. i never would have thought of it, but J's mind has brought yet another wonderful element of our loving Femdom marriage.

Happy New year to you all, one of my resolutions is to blog more so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in 2013!  


  1. How clever of J! It's always nice to see new ideas being implemented. I like the fact that she makes you stay in whatever awkward position she desires while she delivers her punishment, and the further administration of punishment if you fail. A classic no-win for you, and win-win for her. Which, of course, is as it should be.

    In reality, however, a no-win for a consenting sub would have to be considered a win for him in the end. How complicated! How delightful! No wonder J laughs so much (I know the feeling). I'm certain that you realize what a lucky boy you are!

    1. Lovely to hear from You Lady Grey! And i agree, it is a classic no-win situation for me, which is something J really seems to relish more and more as She grows in her dominant role. The wicked smiles and evil laughter when She puts me in these kinds of positions have been more and more frequent in our house.

      We've been playing Twister quite a lot, and J has even floated the idea of a regular "Twister night" in the house....and i could not agree, i am very (very, very, very, very, very!) lucky boy! :-)

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