Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Beauty of Worship

J and i have a very loving relationship. We had one before we started on our new Femdom adventure, and our relationship only continues to grow as we further our exploration down this wonderful path. Most of the time i would characterize our experiences as "play," though there are times where the sensual connections and deep eroticism of J's growing dominance of me reaches almost rapturous heights. The other night was one such occasion.

We were sitting on the couch idly watching TV. J had earlier had me bring Her a glass of wine and then enjoyed a lengthy foot massage provided by me, one where i kissed, caressed and massaged every inch of Her soles, arches, toe, heels and ankles. She purred Her contentment and i grinned at Her as i often do while we are experiencing these sorts of moments.

J then surprised me by sliding down to the floor and stretching out on our rug.

"Undress me," She whispered, in a voice both soft and commanding.

i (of course!) eagerly began to comply, sliding down to the floor. i started unbuttoning Her shirt when J caught my hand, bringing it up to Her lips and placing a soft kiss.

"Slowly, slave," She whispered again.

i gazed into Her eyes and then kissed Her lips softly, then Her neck. i unbuttoned one button, kissing Her collarbone and moving my hands up and down Her body. She purred in approval.

i undid the next button, kissing down the exposed narrow V of Her body, my lips brushing against the white lacy bra that was now peeking out. J slid Her hand through my hair.

i kept going, each button opening followed by soft worshipful kisses to Her gorgeous skin. As i reached the last i slid Her shirt off Her shoulders. It spread behind her. i then slid one bra strap down, following it across Her shoulders and upper arm with kisses as J lay back. Her legs began sliding up and down, a sure sign She was enjoying Herself.

J sat up briefly, allowing me to unclasp Her bra and kissing me deeply and passionately. She then laid back down and i began slowly...ever so slowly...sliding her knee-length skirt down her gorgeous legs. i kissed between her thighs, along each inner thigh and down to the knee as i moved the skirt farther down.

After the skirt came Her socks, then Her panties. my amazing Wife then lay naked, stretched before me.

"Kiss me here slave," She ordered, pointing to Her neck.

i slid over Her, feeling Her breasts against my shirt, my legs straddling Her thigh as i placed kiss after kiss on Her perfect neck. She eventually pushed me back up so i was kneeling before Her perfection.

"Now here," She whispered, pointing to Her right breast.

i slid down again, my tongue caressing around her breast, teasing Her nipple. She had me return to my kneeling position again.

"Now here." J pointed to Her inner thigh.

This continued, as J pointed to Her stomach...then Her left foot...then Her left collarbone....then Her lips....then between her legs, where the warmth and dampness told me She was definitely enjoying Herself....then Her neck again....then between Her breasts.

i worshiped almost every inch of Her, following Her commands as She led me where She wished me to go. Then J looked up at me with that wonderful smile, sat up and kissed me deeply, grabbed me by the hair and with a single look let me know She was ready. She slid Her legs apart and allowed me inside Her...the feeling of devotion i had was almost overwhelming.

After a short time J pushed me back, then guided my head between Her thighs, Her sex dripping and eager for my service. i devoted myself to the task with a feeling of such yearning, and J's breathing quickly became short...moans escaped her lips and i brought her to orgasm, then after a short rest where i kissed every molecule of flesh on her thighs i brought Her to orgasm again. She then allowed me back inside Her and ordered me to cum, which did not take long. i felt a huge wave of emotion wash over me as i came, and J smiled at me with love as i trembled, collapsing into Her arms.

As we lay in bed later that night i was still feeling overwhelmed with devotion and gratitude, and in how while we have a lot of fun with our Femdom adventures, the simple beauty of worshiping Her body is in many ways the pinnacle of what it means to be Hers. 


  1. What an incredible night. Your a lucky man and your wife is one special woman. You have what I dream of.

    1. Thanks...and i couldn't agree more, i feel lucky every single day.

  2. A beautiful description of two people deeply in love and of a couple who demonstrates such freedom to be completely open and vulnerable. Thanks for sharing such a sweet evening the two of you spent together.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment...i'm a fan of your blog and it's great to hear from you!

  3. Loved reading one who is very new to this scene, I am right with you. I have never been so 'in love' with my Queen. Following her lead in the bedroom even only for the last month or so has been nothing short of amazing. I really loved your post, as we were discussing chastity and denial, and my Queen's reponse was this, "Your cock is mine, so don't touch it unless I say so. Those chastity devices are creepy, my cock isn't getting locked up and of course your cock is going to be penetrating me, I like it there". Thanking her such a privilege has really added to how deeply in love I am with her...Guess you call this the honeymoon stage...thanks again for your post, I can really relate.

    1. Thanks! i wholeheartedly agree that our Femdom play has deepened our relationship and brought us closer together. Best of luck to you and your Queen as you embark on a wonderful journey together!

  4. Actually, worship is only allowed for the Trinity; yes, you certainly may honor and love your wife, yet, worship is only allowed for God.

    Now, you know.

    The more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you.
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague
    (<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

    trustNjesus ALWAYS, dear,
    and wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven...
    cuzz the only other realm aint too cool.
    God bless your indelible soul.