Monday, March 12, 2012

This Morning...

...J woke me up with a quick shove. She was still lying beside me in bed.

"You'll find your collar down by my feet, slave. Go down, kiss each foot three times, and then bring it to me."

i was awake at once, and getting hard by the time i crawled down to the foot of the bed. i did as ordered, placing a sweet kiss on each beautiful, silken foot.

As the collar slid in place and J secured it around my neck i felt that familiar feeling of devotion, submission and deep love wash over me. That feeling of the collar sliding around my neck and closing tight, J peering down at me with a twinkle in Her eye and wicked grin on Her face, is one of my favorite things in the world.

"Now will go make me two eggs with toast, a bowl of that pineapple in the fridge and a cup of coffee. You have 15 minutes to do it all, bring it to me on a tray here in bed, and commence rubbing my feet as I eat. Any later and there will be consequences."

i hustled into the kitchen, scrambling to get everything done and back in time. i had to grind the coffee and made a mess, which needed to be cleaned and cost precious time. As i stared at the toaster while flipping the eggs i began to sweat with anxiety, fearing i wouldn't make it.

Upon returning to the bedroom my fears turned out to be accurate.

"18 minutes, slave. Poor form, dear," J said, Her voice dripping with disappointment. "Hand me my breakfast and get down there to my feet...but know that there will be consequences."

i crawled down, focusing on Her feet as She ate. Twice when J spilled some breakfast She ordered me to lick it up with my tongue, once some egg and once some fruit. After She was done i was also ordered to clean the bed sheets of all toast crumbs with my tongue. It was agonizingly slow but after my earlier failure i was sure to be extra thorough and actually met with J's approval.

" were three minutes late. What's your excuse?"

"i...i am very sorry my Lady. There is no excuse for such failure, and i submit myself for Your punishment."

"Good answer. Now let's see...well, we will be drawing one card each from the Punishment Box for each minute. But seeing as I have to go to work soon, we'll save those for later. For now, go and stand against the wall, eyes closed, hands above your head pressed against the wall and feet apart."

i did as commanded, and then shuddered as i felt J wrap one of Her scarves around my head again and again, covering my eyes tight and wrapping around my ears to dampen the sound.

"Now you will stay like that while I shower, and await your punishment."

"Yes, my Lady," i whispered.

J showered and dressed in the bedroom as i stood, shivering from the cold and trembling with fear and anticipation. She then slid Her hand across my back and brought Her mouth close to my ear.

"Now you will stay like that until I release you, isn't that right, slave?"

"Yes, my Lady" i whispered.

"No matter what?"

"Yes, my Lady. No matter what."

"Good. Now I am going to work. You are to stay until released. Got it?" J laughed as She said this and watched me gasp and tremble more vigorously.

"i...yes, My lady" i whispered, my mind whirring.  How long was i going to be kept imprisoned here? My arms were already aching and legs shaking. Would it be all day? All morning?

i heard J walk out the front door and close it tightly, then heard the car start up and drive away. Apparently this was serious...and my mind began to whir in panic as i heard the car drive away.

i stood there for what felt like forever, in the dark and alone, under the complete power of my Lady. i was shaking and aching but did not dare move. Even though i was not bound in any way, my submissive mind so strong that it was as good as being chained to the wall.

Finally i heard the door open again, after what felt like an eternity (but was probably more like half an hour). J entered the bedroom and immediately slid Her nails down my naked back, scratching marks down me to further mark me as Hers.

"Hmmmm...doesn't look like You moved slave," J whispered.

"No, my Lady."

"Good...though I bet you will now."

With no further warning i felt an incredibly sharp sting on my ass, then another one and another. i screamed as the new sensation cascaded down...this was not something J had ever used on me before, and it hurt! We have pretty much used paddles and floggers, and this was more like how i imagine a switch or a cane might feel. VERY stingy, without the harder thud of a paddle. It was agonizing.

"Now count for me, will be receiving 10 strokes for each minute you were late."

"Yes, my Lady. Thank You, my Lady," i breathed.

The strokes came fast and furious, sometime swinging hard, sometimes a little softer. J worked me over, moving from my ass to the backs of my thighs and up and down. By the end i was screaming out each number through gritted teeth and rapid breath, sweat pouring down me under the incredible sting.

After thirty i sagged, my arms sliding down the wall. J immediately barked out a "tsk, tsk, tsk...that won't do," and gave me 10 more.  i was shaking and on fire by the time She was done.

J slid the scarf off my face, pinching my burning ass mercilessly as She removed the blindfold. She spun me around and ordered me to my knees, where i knelt and kissed each foot three times to thank Her, as i always do after a punishment.

J was holding an end of tree branch She had found the other day, the perfect size and shape for her to use on me. She had a wicked grin as She asked, "like my new toy?"

"yes, my Lady," i answered, my eyes wide as She stood over me.

"Good. Because this is not the last you'll see of it," She grinned. "Now on to the punishment box...we'll have to get to these later since we're busy the next couple days, which is why I wanted to give you a reminder of your failings this morning. But I think the anticipation will only add to the other punishments, wouldn't you agree?"

J laughed out loud at the look on my face, then caressed my cheek gently before giving it a quick slap and ordering me to fetch the box.

She was sitting down when i got back and i knelt before Her and handed Her the box. She drew three and handed them to me, ordering me to read them aloud.

"Rice" was the first one - a painful session kneeling on rice on the hard kitchen floor, then the tedious task of picking them up one at a time.

"Lines" was the second one - we use the Fond of Writing software, which allows J to set the number of lines and all kinds of devious little distraction boxes, backwards writing and other ways to trip me up.

"Mushrooms" was the third one - i have written about that one before...ugh.

All in all quite a way to start the week. i am still sore and marked after this morning, and still have lots of punishments to come. It's all more than worth it, however, for the chance to serve and be the slave of such a wonderful, beautiful Wife. The way She just decided to exert Her authority for no particular reason this morning is just the latest sign of how far She has come in embracing Her new role as Domme, and how lucky i am to be Hers...forever.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playing Lady Grey's Amazing "Reconsider" Game

One of my favorite femdom blogs is Lady Grey's Woman in Control.  She may not write as often as some other bloggers, but when She does it is always interesting, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes funny, often both and usually hot as all hell. =-)  She's a great writer with a deliciously wicked mind, and if you haven't been to Her blog you should go read it.  Like, right now.

In one of her recent posts Lady Grey described a new game She had invented with Her sub called "RECONSIDER."  The upshot of the game is that Lady Grey assigned Her slave Karl with the difficult and tedious task of picking up every last fallen Christmas tree needle by hand, and then after he had said he was done She had asked him if he was sure he was done, or if he would like to "reconsider" his answer.   Considering the huge number of needles that fall off a tree, and all the nooks and crannies where they could end up, Lady Grey's slave was understandably hesitant, especially after She made it clear that there would be serious punishment should She find even one needle someplace.  There were also repercussions when he decided to "reconsider" his answer.  The beauty of the game is that it not only makes a slave focus on the task assigned by his Mistress, it forces him into a deliciously no-win situation where he is choosing his own potential punishment. 

It's a wonderful post, and a wonderful game that Lady Grey invented.  As a sub husband i know that sometimes i may think i have completed a task, but my standards often fall far short of those of my Lady.  In the past J would deal with this by sometimes punishing me, and sometimes just rolling Her (gorgeous) eyes at my shortcomings.  Having this new game introduced into our lives has provided J with a fun new mechanism to improve my service immensely.

i recently introduced J to the concept behind Lady Grey's "Reconsider" game, and She immediately liked the idea and saw how it could make me a better slave.  J prefers what She calls the "Are you sure?" game, where i complete a task assigned by Her and She then judges my proficiency.  The rush of kneeling before Her and stating i have completed my task and then having J cock an eyebrow, look down on me with a smirk and ask "Are you sure?" is incredible...

The game has already helped make me a better sub husband.  For one example, i have always struggled with doing the dishes, and the "Are you sure?" game has been a tremendous help.  We don't have a dishwasher and, try as i might i am simply not very good at washing dishes, and often miss parts of a pan or bowl or do a subpar job in J's eyes of making sure a plate or fork is fully cleaned.  For a time J did not allow me to wash dishes, feeling that even if i tried to wash them She would just have to do it all over again anyway.  But thanks to the "Are you sure?" game i am getting better.

The other day J texted me with an order to make sure all the dishes in the house were done by the time She got home.  i rushed home, beating her by 45 minutes and dove into the pile of dishes in the sink and 2 dirty pans on the stove.  When J arrived home i greeted Her with a kiss, then knelt down in the kitchen before the sink so She could inspect my work.

"Now slave, did you wash all of these dishes?" J asked

"Yes, my Lady." 

"Even the greasy pan and dirty cookie sheet? And the bowl with the caked on frosting?"

"Yes, my Lady."  i knelt, trembling before Her as She looked at the dishes in the drying rack.

"And they are all clean?" She asked, a smile in Her voice.

", yes, my Lady.  i think so."

"You think so?!?  Well...let me put it this way: Are you sure?"

i trembled as i knelt before Her.  The words held such meaning, and i immediately felt as if i was not sure.  But plunging ahead foolishly i answered, "yes My Lady."

J inspected every dish, turning it in the light and rubbing Her lovely fingers across each one.  It didn't take long before She found a spot of leftover something in one of the pans.

Grabbing my hair and shoving the pan in my face, J looked down at me.  'Then what. is. this?!?" She hissed ominously.

"i...i..i'm so sorry, my Lady."

"Sorry?  But you said you were sure, slave.  You know what this means, don't you?"

"i...i, yes, my Lady,  i am very sorry my Lady."

You see, our new rule is that when i explicitly say i am sure and then still fail, i have to immediately draw from the punishment box and then J decides how best to proceed.  For my failing with the dishes i drew the SHOWER card, meaning i had to march in to the bathroom and take a dreaded cold shower, with J watching and laughing all the time.  We have a 20-sided dice we roll with the SHOWER card and thankfully it came up 9, meaning i had just a 9 minute cold shower.  J loves to watch me yelp and scamper under the cold water, yet as much as i may like to amuse Her the SHOWER card is one of my least favorite punishments, especially in the winter.  Brrrrrr!

After my punishment was done J let me get into my robe and kneel before Her, where i kissed Her feet and as always thanked Her for taking the time to punish me.  Then She dragged me back into the kitchen, ordered me to take off my robe, cuffed my wrists and clamped my nipples and pointed to the sink.

"You failed me today, didn't you?" J asked.

"Yes, my Lady.  i am so sorry, my Lady," i whispered.

" you start to learn you will re-wash every dish in this drying rack, and you will do it cuffed and clamped.  And you better do a better job this time, or you'll be drawing from the box again."

i immediately set to work, scrubbing each dish and holding it into the light to make sure it was clean.  i was shaking with dread, realizing that i would never be sure if i was meeting J's standards until She came to check at the end, and wondering if i would be punished again and have to do all the dishes over and over.  

After some (trust me) thorough scrubbing and lots of close examination of each dish, i called to J that i was finished.  She came down the stairs slowly and walked into the kitchen, caressing my hair as i knelt before the sink.

"So you've done them all again, slave?" J looked down with an amused smirk.

"Yes, my Lady."

"And are they actually clean this time, slave?"

"Yes, my Lady."

"Are you sure?"

The words are now filled with so much meaning for us that i couldn't help but tremble as She spoke them.  But i was as sure as i was going to be, so i breathed out a yes through quivering lips.

"Hmmmm...well, let's see."  J inspected every dish as i knelt before the sink, my every nerve and sense attuned to Her as She looked at my handiwork.  i am not sure i have ever been more focused on trying to pick up clues from the body language of a person as i was that evening staring at J, and among other things it helped me realize that i should always try to be that attuned to J's needs, whims and desires.

"Hmmm, well I suppose you have done well," J said leisurely.  "Well done, slave.  we'll make a dishwasher out of you yet!"

"i...thank You my Lady."

"Now let's see if we can get that same kind of focus to my feet."  J led me to the living room, where i knelt before Her on the couch and set to Her nightly foot massage.  

We have used the "Are you sure?" question a few times in the last month, and i have really come to appreciate how it helps me realize that all that i do must be up to J's standards, not mine, and that i should be fully focused and attuned to Her needs and Her desires as much as possible.  

It's an important new tool for J in our growing FLR marriage, and i can recommend developing a similar kind of "Reconsider" game for any FLR.  It has helped me become a better servant to J, and helped Her fully realize that it is Her standards that matter in our new relationship paradigm, and if things do not meet Her standards that there are ways of correcting that.

For that, and for all the other wonderful posts, i am eternally grateful to Lady Grey.  And really, go and read Her blog - it's on my blog roll to the right and you won't regret it. =-)