Monday, January 14, 2013

Brushing Her Hair

The other morning J beckoned me into the bathroom after Her shower.  This was a first, and i walked into the bathroom with my heart leaping.

"Go and fetch a chair from the kitchen, dear," J commanded. She stood in the short robe She sometimes wears after a shower. It only comes down just below Her waist, so Her long legs were fully exposed, and the robe was clinging to Her still damp form deliciously. As is often the case i found myself gazing in awe at Her, feeling so lucky to be with Her.

J looked at me with amusement..."like the view?"

"Yes, My Lady," i whispered in a voice more throaty than i expected.

J just smiled, then the look in Her eye changed rather quickly.

"Didn't I just ask for something, slave?" She demanded, a harder edge in her voice.

i jumped at the tone and immediately hurried off to the kitchen. i quickly returned with a small wooden chair from our breakfast table.

J smiled. "Good job, slave. Now place it before the mirror."

i did as ordered and J sat down. She pointed to the ground at Her side and i knelt. She then picked up a hairbrush and looked at me.

"Now you are going to brush my hair, slave. I expect you to be careful and attentive, do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lady," i whispered.

"Good. Because there will be consequences if you are not." J looked at me for a moment, and then a small smile formed on her perfect lips. "In fact, because you delayed in bringing the chair, I think I will show you exactly what the consequences will be."

J grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet, then ordered me to strip. Once i was naked She guided me down over Her lap, my ass in position.

SMACK! Down came Her hard wooden hairbrush on my ass. i yelped at the sharp sting and gritted my teeth, knowing more was coming.

J gave me 20 good spanks with the hairbrush, and by the time She was done my ass was red, by breath was short and tears had begun to form in my eyes. She slid Her hand across my ass, feeling the heat and cooing Her approval.

"Mmmmm....very nice. Now you are to kneel on the floor behind me and brush my hair. And be careful! Any tangles, snags or hair pulling will be met with more of what you just got. Understand?" J had a wicked smile as i twisted and looked up at Her.

"Yes My Lady," i whispered.

i stood and then went behind the chair and knelt down on the hard, unforgiving bathroom floor. J gave me Her brush and began to slowly move it through Her beautiful hair. She closed Her eyes, Her body relaxing as i began.

It was an incredibly sensual and submissive knees already starting to ache from the cold, hard floor, my Lady so relaxed and comfortable with putting me into service, my hands shaking slightly as i moved the brush.

When i hit the first tangle and pulled too hard, yanking Her hair, my mood went from sensual to scared pretty fast.

"OUCH! Now what was that, slave?" J demanded.

"i'm sorry, Mistress...i just got too excited."

"Well...sorry isn't good enough. Get back up here. NOW."

i climbed again over J's lap and She was ruthless with the hairbrush spanking. Again and again the brush tormented my ass and the backs of my thighs. J would pause occasionally and caress the hot flesh, seeming to enjoy it, and then continue. i lost count of many She gave me, but i know i was trembling, sore and teary-eyed by the time She was done.

i was then ordered back to my knees to finish brushing. i was extra careful after the spanking, though i did pull too hard one more time before it was done. And was again ruthlessly punished for it.

By the time J deemed my task complete my knees were aching, whole body trembling and ass and thighs still burning from the spanking. J had me crawl around to the side of Her and placed a long, slow kiss on my lips while i knelt beside Her.

"Well done, slave. you may return the chair to the kitchen and finish making coffee."

The whole experience was amazing, and different for a couple of reasons. One, we don't do a lot of play in the mornings, and i found that my head was spinning all day after the experience. While i was distracted at work and often found myself hardening up, i loved the fact that i had the whole day to relive the recent memory.

The other novel thing was how J simply came up with a small bit of service and how relaxed it seemed to make Her to simply lean back, close Her eyes and allow me to serve Her. This is great progress from our early days of exploring a femdom relationship, as i often put lots of pressure on Her and J often felt like being a dominant wife was a lot of work. Which it certainly can be. But these small moments of simple servitude are truly wonderful, and a great reflection of how far we have come.

J has indicated that i will be learning how to better brush Her hair in the future, and i am definitely looking forward to it! 


  1. AMW,

    Nothing like being trained in personal servitude and punished while "in training " for more FLR Bliss.

  2. i could not agree's hoping this becomes a tradition! :-)

  3. An extemporaneous session of service and punishment is always a good idea. The fact that this was new and unexpected by you speaks volumes about the level of comfort and confidence that J has in the dominance of her sub, and your reaction certainly attests to the "correctness" of the entire procedure.

    I find it interesting that J interrupted the hair brushing to administer the punishment as you went along. Personally, I prefer to simply issue an oral rebuke and warning of things to come, but then again my husband has more experience in these things, and is aware of what these rebukes foretell. Therefore, as his punishment adds up, his performance invariably improves. Especially so, since he knows that the amount of punishment will increase geometrically with each additional "infraction" (much as J did with you, but administered as the infraction occurred, instead of later). Both immediate and promised punishments are effective, but I don't like to "alter the mood" by interrupting the service that I'm so enjoying. J might like to experiment with my method as well, and then she can decide which she prefers. Either way, I'm sure you'll be VERY careful to do your task properly.

    BTW, if memory serves, I believe that J has access to your blog, which is why I suggested a different method of punishment that was clearly aimed at her. If I'm mistaken, I wouldn't bring up my suggestion if I were you. J might not take kindly to the idea that another Domme is commenting on her activities. Please let me know if I should avoid this sort of thing in the future.

    1. Many thanks, Lady Grey! As always Your comment is insightful and thoughtful. And J does indeed have access to this blog and reads Your suggestion and loved it! We have had a couple of other basic "service" sessions since this post (one massaging Her legs and one drawing her a bath and pampering Her in the tub) and J used Your method of a verbal warning with further punishment later to great effect.

      And You are right, i found my concentration increasing after each verbal warning, and the way i had to continue service knowing, and dreading, that there was punishment to come only made me feel more submissive. And it allowed J to just lie back and enjoy service, which worked out very well too!

      Thank You as always for Your thoughts, hope all is well with You these days...:-)

  4. You two are ADORABLE!!! It's a beautiful blog, I wish you all the best and keep up writing! :)

    1. Thanks! I certainly feel like J is adorable (among many, many other lovely things) and appreciate the comment! Made me feel happy to hear it, glad you enjoy the blog. :-)

    2. Thank you for letting me know that J reads these blog entries and the comments as well. She certainly doesn't need any help from me, but it's nice to be able to offer a few suggestions and know that they're being considered. I send her my fondest regards.

    3. J sends Her regards as well, we always enjoy Your comments and absolutely appreciate any and all suggestions. :-)

      And i must apologize, i accidentally deleted another comment of Yours from a different post. Not sure if i can retrieve it, and i have informed J and She assures me that punishment will be coming. Sorry! I really didn't mean to delete it, please keep commenting, we both LOVE hearing Your thoughts!

  5. Hair brushing is the favorite "out of bed" activity of my Queen. She will want this at anytime day or night. When I see that she is tense or irritable, I get the brush out and ask if she would like a brushing. She always does and after about 20 or 30 minutes her mood is always much better. A good brush that matches her hair type is really appreciated. Way to go AMW.