Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Femdom Clue!

We are both great fans of board games, whether intricate new games like Settlers of Catan or the classics we grew up with.  We have spent many a night with good friends over a board game, and have a bunch of games stacked up in one of our closets. i never suspected they would come in handy in our new marriage dynamic, but the imagination is a wondrous thing...=-)

We were having one of those days where you look around your house and figure out what you want to give away to Goodwill, and we pulled out the game Clue from forever ago. You all remember Clue, right? Where you have to move around the board and eventually figure out who killed "Mr. Boddy" in what room and with which weapon. There are six characters, six weapons and nine rooms, so you'd eventually figure out that it was something like "Professor Plum with the revolver in the library."

We realized we hadn't played Clue for years and were considering giving it away when J got this little smirk on her face and chuckled to Herself.

"What?" i asked, having no idea what was to come.

"I just had a thought...it could be fun to make a Domme-sub version of Clue. You know, with different 'weapons' and characters and all that."

i laughed, and then the imagination immediately started whirring. J's was already in high gear from the look on Her face. Obviously, the 'weapons' were the place to start, in the original game there was the candlestick, rope, revolver, lead pipe, wrench and knife. While some of those might make for useful Domme tools, we figured we had six replacements at the ready.

It didn't take long to settle on the flogger, paddle, nipple clamps, vibrating butt plug and gates of hell (as a mild cbt device...something more sinister is our next "to buy" item). We kept the rope for the sake of continuity...and because J is growing more and more fond of binding me up with rope. 

For the rooms, we figured the rooms of our house would work just fine, so we decided on the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage, basement, dining room, den/guest room and hallway.

We're still working on the characters, for now we just settled on the Domme, who obviously gets to use the weapons on Her own "Mr. Body," (me, though not in a murderous way). =-)  We started kicking around ideas for new characters but we've never really been all that into roleplay as far as pretending to be nurse-patient or teacher-student or something like that so we put that aside for the time being.  i can see how that could be fun, but it just hasn't really been a big fantasy for either of us.  Perhaps the magic of Clue will bring some of that out.  Come to think of it, J has mentioned cowboys a couple times recently, and i'm sure She'd love to hogtie one of those one day...maybe i should start looking for a hat.

We made some rudimentary cards and rather than try and set up the board or anything we just played a couple of hands for fun.  This was basically me drawing a weapon and room and then the two of us going there so J could do Her worst.  For example, J with the flogger in the kitchen was a good one, as was J with the rope in the hallway, J with the nipple clamps in the garage, J with the flogger in the bedroom (an oldie but a goodie), J with the paddle in the bathroom (palms down on the toilet! that was a new one...) and J with the butt plug in the kitchen.  You get the idea.

We are still kicking around more ideas (and any suggestions in comments are more than welcome!) but for now it's been kind of a fun way to spark some spontaneous play.  i do find myself wondering how i'll feel if and when we ever play standard old Clue with friends ever again...perhaps a "Miss Scarlett with the flogger in the conservatory" will accidentally slip out. Oh well, the perils of a femdom marriage i suppose...

I'll also say that we started digging through some other board games as well...it's been incredibly fun to think about some of the old classics in a new way, and i'll be sure to share some other discoveries in the future.=-)

In the meantime, any ideas, suggestions or thoughts are welcome in comments. Are there any games you have re-imagined? i'd love to hear any suggestions...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Day Beneath Her

Last weekend we had our first free day together in a loooong time. And as has been Her custom, J found a good way to put it to use. While i have (of course!) still been providing J with Her nightly foot rubs, things have been kind of busy recently, and quality time together has been lacking. We have managed to have some lovely small moments here and there, usually first thing in the morning or late at night, but life has been a bit too busy these last couple weeks for much more. But last weekend we made up for some lost time. =-)

To begin I should mention that, as much as She wields great power over me, J is only about 5'3", while i am more like 6'2".  Though with the new emergence as a Domme She is also somehow able to seem like She is seven feet tall just through the tone of Her voice or a look in Her eye. She also never hesitates to get me down on my knees or on all fours as suits Her purposes.

For Saturday, though, She had something a little different in mind...

J was already up when i awoke, and as i sleepily stumbled into the living room She smiled, greeting me with a devilish "good morning, dear," and pointed to Her feet. She stretched languidly back on the couch wearing nothing but one of my old t-shirts, and i immediately set to work massaging Her feet. She looked down at me with what has become a familiar wicked smile.

"Now slave, I want to try something out today. It will require diligence on your part, but I think you can handle it."

"Yes, my Lady," i smiled, eager to hear what was coming, my hands still massaging and caressing Her lovely feet.

"As you know, I enjoy seeing you down at my feet, and often like seeing you wriggling on the ground or crawling on all fours. I think I'd like to see more of that in fact. So for today, you are to keep yourself lower than me until I say otherwise. That means your eyes should always be lower than my eyes. Your arms lower than my arms. You whole body, in fact, always beneath me. Do you understand?"

i quickly responded "yes," wondering what was to come.

"Good. Now go and fetch your collar, and keep the toy bag out where we can easily get to it."

i stood up, and immediately realized it was a mistake. The harsh look from J was instant confirmation.

"You didn't last ten seconds! Get over here, and do it properly," J seethed.

i dropped to all fours and crawled, careful to keep my head low as i approached.

"Better. Now kneel, facing me." i did as ordered and almost immediately felt a SMACK across the cheek. J's slap stung, tears welling up on my face as She smacked me again across the other cheek.

"Now what did I say?"

"That i am supposed to stay below You today, my Lady," i replied, shaking a little.

"And what did you do?"

"i...i failed, my Lady."

"Yes you did. Now close those eyes and keep that face still."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Four quick slaps and i could feel the heat on my cheeks, my eyes burning with tears of pain and shame.

"Will you listen now?" She demanded.

"Yes, my Lady" i breathed, eager to make amends and feeling incredibly submissive.

"Good. Now go fetch your collar. And bring the toy bag as well."

i crawled on all fours, J calling "head down!" as She does sometimes, an order to crawl with my nose as close to the floor as possible. i returned with the collar out and presented it to J, careful to keep my head low.

She held out the collar for me to kiss once, then slid it around my neck, clasping it shut. She then reached into the toy bag and pulled out one ankle cuff and a short length of rope. i stared confusedly as She slid the ankle cuff around Her own ankle, and then ordered me down by that foot.

"Now slave, we are going to start by having you worship the ground I walk on for a bit. Tie the rope to the ring on my ankle, and then to the ring in your collar. It should be short enough to keep your head lowered."

i complied with trembling fingers and J arose, looking down at me now bound to Her right foot.

"Good," She grinned. "Now let's take you for a walk. And you are to kiss the ground i walk on after each step, and not fall behind. Got it?"

"Yes, my Lady," i replied breathlessly.

J picked up our long thin-stringed flogger and set off. At first it was difficult to keep up with Her, especially as i was planting a tender kiss on each place where Her lovely foot had just trod. A little experimenting with the pace however, and more than a few stinging lashes with the flogger on my back and ass, got me in step.

J seemed delighted as She dragged me around the house, across the carpet, the merciless tile of the kitchen and bathroom, and up and down the stairs more than a few times. i was gasping and straining after a short while, my knees burning and body tensed, my mind focused on nothing but worshiping the small piece of floor in front of me that J had just stepped on.

After a time J returned to the couch and ordered me to untie the rope connecting my neck to Her ankle. She then had me crawl over and fetch Her a drink, then kneel beside Her holding it as a kind of human end table as She surfed the internet for a while.

Then She brought me back to the bedroom, where She had me lay down. She crawled on top of me, holding a set of nipple clamps and Her pink vibrator. J clamped me tightly, tugging the chain to make sure my nipples were firmly attached (they were) and then slid Her sex up and down my yearning cock, teasing me as She allowed me to enter Her. She sat back grinning.

"Happy, slave?" She asked, yanking the chain and bringing an audible yelp out of me.

"Yes, my Lady. i love to be beneath You," i breathed.

She smiled. "I know you do. And I love to see you there. But you won't be cumming yet. Just me," She smiled again, grabbed the nipple clamp chain like a set of horse reins and began using Her vibe. Gazing up at Her as She closed Her eye in pleasure, the shiny steel chain entwined in Her fingers as She delivered pain while She was pleasured, was exquisite. It did not take long for Her to begin bucking Her hips, and She screamed as the first orgasm came.

As She caught Her breath J continued to twirl and tug and yank the chain, delighting in my squirming. My yelps of pain, wide eyes and sharp breathing seemed to arouse Her even more, as two more orgasms soon followed before J deemed Herself satiated. As She crawled off me She gave the chain one more tug before removing the clamps.

"Mmmmmm...that was lovely. Now let's see...should we let you cum now?" J asked.

"Only if You wish, my Lady. i am Yours...Your slave. Your property," i breathed, my mind swimming deeeeep in subspace.

"Mmmmm...good answer, slave," J smiled. "I think not yet."

For the rest of the morning and early afternoon i remained always beneath J, which meant lots of kneeling, crawling and supplication. It also meant that when i was tasked to prepare lunch i was forced to make sandwiches on the floor, reaching up from my knees for what i needed. J took delight in watching me struggle, and i was able to keep the sandwiches off the floor, and the floor off the sandwiches, which seemed to make Her happy.

Eventually we needed to head out for some later afternoon errands. Before releasing me, J took my face in Her hands and kissed me softly, saying that She was very pleased with how well i had done at staying beneath Her, reminding me that it is where i truly belong, and assuring me that that day would not be the last time we played that game. i was not allowed release, but the rush of being put into such a submissive position was truly amazing.  Can't wait for next time...=-)