Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Joy of Kissing Her Feet

The other night J and i were sitting together on the couch watching a movie.  We hadn't really engaged in any femdom play all day, and there wasn't really any kind of feeling in the air that we would that night.  But how quickly the weather can change...

J smiled.   "I think I'd like you down at my feet, dear."

i was surprised, but immediately felt a twinge...down below, and almost as quickly my sub feelings began to kick in.

"Yes, My Lady," i replied, which is what i am expected to say each time She gives a clear command as She just had.

i slid off the couch and kneeled.  J swung Her legs around and put them in my lap, teasing my already growing cock, sliding Her gorgeous red toes up and down my thigh.  A soft moan escaped my lips and i was at full attention.

i gently picked up Her left foot, preparing to begin a foot rub.  Usually when J orders me to Her feet it is to give Her a full foot rub, which is one of Her favorite things.  In fact, ordering me to give Her foot rubs was one of the first ways She started to get comfortable being more dominant in our lives, and one of the first ways She came to realize that such an arrangement could be filled with benefits for Her while fulfilling fantasies of mine.

As i began massaging Her perfect foot J stopped me with a quick "no, dear."

i looked up questioningly.

"I do love your foot massages...but tonight im in the mood for something different," She smiled.  "First, strip.  I want you naked...NOW."

i hurriedly stood and removed all my clothes, standing naked before J as She smiled.

"Mmmmmm...yes.  you may kneel again, dear," She smiled.

J extended a foot towards my face.  "Kiss, slave."

i was surprised, as J typically prefers a foot massage to foot kissing.  But my instructions were clear...i held Her foot in my hand and began gently kissing, starting with each toe, then sliding my tongue along Her perfect instep and planting kisses on top of Her foot.

"Mmmmm...good slave.  Keep going."

i continued, lifting Her foot so i could kiss every inch of the sole, nibbling at times, sliding my tongue along a bit and sometimes passionately kissing Her arch, Her instep, He toe.

"Very good, slave.  Keep going."

i looked up at Her, but with a look and a point of one finger i returned to Her feet.  i kissed each inch again, sucking on each toe luxuriously, Her satisfied smile all the encouragement i needed.

"Good slave.  So you know, dear, I want you to kiss my foot for the next half an hour.  No interruptions, no stopping, no looking at me and NO wandering up my leg.  Got it, slave?"

"Yes, My Lady," came my breathless reply.

"Any questions, dear?  this will be your last chance to talk until you're done."

i considered, then quickly replied "no, My Lady," and got to work.

The next half an hour felt incredibly submissive...J would move Her feet down to the floor, forcing me to kneel all the way forward almost in a praying position.  She would then move it back and use Her foot to pull my face up off the carpet, jamming Her toes into my mouth and sliding Her foot up and down my face.

i felt used, enslaved, enraptured as my entire focus was on Her foot.  J's occasional laugh was all the response i had, as i did my best to follow Her orders and keep my eyes and focus on her foot.

"OK, dear...very good!" J smiled as She slid Her foot away.

i gazed up at Her, my eyes filled with adoration, my hard cock betraying how completely i was Hers.

She teased my cock with Her foot, sliding Her arch across the shaft and tickling the tip with her toes.  She then held Her foot out for me to lick any precum that had leaked out of my throbbing cock on to Her foot.  i eagerly lapped up the juices and gazed up at Her.

"Hmmmm.....pretty excited, aren't we?" She smiled in that perfect, evil, loving, wicked way i love.

"Yes, My Lady.  i am Your slave," i breathed.

"You'd probably like to move this into the bedroom, wouldn't you?"

"Oh God yes, My Lady," i quivered.

"Hmmmmm....well, I think we can do that," She said, a twinkle in Her eye.  i gasped, shaking with excitement.

"Just as soon as you're done with my other foot," She said, and smiled.  "Get to work, slave."  J extended Her other foot, barely able to keep from laughing as i knelt down and began kissing Her other gorgeous foot.

(A very looooong) half an hour later, and after giving J three orgasms Herself, i was well-rewarded for my good behavior. :-)


  1. Wow, very well written accounting of a wonderful interlude. I hope that someday I will have similar experiences. My wife and I have been getting more involve with sexual activities involving her feet, much to our surprise. Starting with me putting her socks on for her last summer, to this past weekend my kissing her feet while she gave her self a vibrator induced orgasm. I don't know that my wife would have the patience to let me worship her feet for an hour and I don't know that I could do so for that long but I hope we get a chance to try soon! After all, two weeks with out orgasm once seemed like an ordeal and now it is a minimum.
    THanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mr Bill! It was indeed a wooooonderful interlude! And you never know what your Wife will find She likes...i am AMAZED at how J has embraced being more dominant, and how much She seems to enjoy trying new things and pushing new limits to assert more and more control over me. And how much She seems to love it.

      Best of luck to you and your wife! It really is a wonderful journey, ain't it? :-)

  2. Best blog out there! I LOVE reading about your adventures :)

    1. Thanks! Much appreciated...glad you like the blog! And i'm glad you love reading about our adventures, we certainly enjoy having them and i love writing about them! i'm a lucky, lucky sub...:-)

  3. I have stated several times in my blog that I regard my feet as an erogenous zone. Having them worshipped turns me on in a big way, and I see to it that it happens often. My husband showed early sign of enjoying it as well, as his erect cock invariably assures me that his own happiness in worshipping my feet is second only to my own happiness at having them worshipped. In fact, he enjoys it so much that it has become a reward for him for especially good behavior. It's a delightful symbiosis and I'm pleased to read that the same situation is building for the two of you.

    1. i totally agree Lady Grey, worshiping J's feet is one of the most intimate and erotic experiences for me as a sub, and something i absolutely adore doing. J has always been keen on having me provide Her with foot massages, which i provide for Her almost every day, but i am hoping that this experience is a sign of things to come for other forms of foot worship. She seemed to enjoy having me down there, and as You say it feels like a gift to be allowed to worship Her in that way.

      Good to hear from You, Your comments are always welcome and i hope everything is going well in Your life and marriage these days. :-)

  4. I'm an aspiring domme w/o any experience in this kind of thing, and w/o a bf to try it with, so I gotta ask: what is it about women's feet that's such a turn-on? A recurring theme I've been seeing in femdom art and fiction seems to be foot worhsip. What is it about worshipping/massaging feet that makes it a "treat" rather than a "trick?" If you don't mind the Halloween analogy

    1. Don't get me wrong, the idea of a man kneeling @my feet sounds very appealing, I just don't understand what the attraction is for the sub

    2. Hi J. Young! First, i wish You nothing but the best as You embark on Your journey to Dommehood! i hope You find it to be a fulfilling adventure and find the right connection with a sub male to take the journey with You.

      As to Your question, i can't speak for others but being at J's feet is one of the places where i feel most submissive, which i adore. And Her feet do seem beautiful to me, the slender curve of the arch, Her adorable toes wiggling and the little hills and valleys where Her ankle meets Her foot. So that's one reason for me.

      Another is that there's something about being "at Her feet" that just reinforces Her power and my helplessness. Especially if She is standing or sitting and i am kneeling or lying on the floor, or when She uses me as a footrest or something it is just such a strong physical representation of how She is the Domme and i am the sub. And when She gets a wicked grin while watching me kiss or massage Her feet, all the better. i also think that as many men are physically larger than their wives or girlfriends, being sent to Her feet is a great way to chop a sub down to size.

      Another reason for us is that J loves foot massages, and those are probably the way i serve Her needs the most. Even before we began our Domme-sub adventures together i would massage Her feet from time to time, as She simply loves nothing more at the end of a long day.

      Hope that helps, and good luck to You!

    3. Mistress J. Young,

      I kiss and lick my fiancees feet as well. The skin on her instep is so sexy soft, he arches are pretty, and her toes are very sexy. Being at her feet and worshiping them, is a turn on. Just something about being submissive that way, is s turn on. AND, she loves a foot massage that way. I don't think a lot of guys realize how soft the skin is of the female foot. I just love sexy ankles, perfect, even toes, and high curvy arches. Women should be treated this way.

  5. Foot massage makes her feel good and you submissive. Perfect!

    1. i agree! It's a hugely important part of our play, and definitely one of J's favorite ways to put me in my place.

  6. what a turn on! Need to try this at home.
    Any tips?


    1. Thanks! And i agree, anytime i am kissing or massaging J's feet is an incredible turn-on!

      As far as any tips i guess i'd just say to take things slow, don't rush anything or ever make your partner feel overwhelmed. i will say that foot massages were a key part of our developing into a more female led marriage, as they were one of the first ways J really realized She could get benefits out of experimenting with being more dominant. And most women i know adore getting their feet massaged, so i'd just say go for it!

  7. turned on just reading this. Thanks

  8. You are a very lucky man. I have been trying desperately - in every way I know how - to have my wife domme me, even if only sometimes. I've tried every form of gentle persuasion. Nothing works. We have been married a long time - I am in my late 50s - and have had this burning desire for 20 years now. Our marriage is a good one, but I am daily tormented by this nned that never gets fulfilled. I realize it is simply not in her to dominate me in this way. I also realize it is not her "problem" - it is mine. Every word you write resonates with me. Please continue to blog - thanks.

    1. i agree, i am a very lucky man...i feel grateful each and every day. i'm sorry to hear you haven't had much luck, though i am glad to hear you have a good marriage.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  9. What an incredibly hot story. I love women's feet and worshiping them as they deserve. I was so rock hard by the end of this I almost lost it when she was tickling the tip with her toes!

    1. And trust me, i also almost lost it when J was tickling me with Her toes...:-)