Friday, October 19, 2012

The Power of a Single Word

We're not big 'sexters' by nature.  Nothing wrong with it or anything, but for whatever reason it's just never been something we've done a lot of in the past.  That's not to say that J doesn't wield control over me from afar, but we tend to use email or talk on the phone.  Though that has started to change...

In the last couple weeks or so i have started getting occasional text messages from J, each a single word and a single word only.  They started coming without warning, and there has not really been any kind of schedule or regularity to them, which in a lot of ways makes them even hotter.  i'm at the point now where every time my phone beeps with a text message i get a little jolt and the heart rate picks up just a little, and i find i'm more often than not disappointed when it's a friend asking if i want to go grab a beer or something...

i'm not entirely sure what inspired J to start sending these, but whatever it is i'd like to thank that source of inspiration and maybe buy it a present.  Because it's been a great addition to our play, and a fun way to keep the fires stoked during busy times.     

Note from J(!):  This wasn't something I thought a lot about, and I'm not sure what the inspiration was.  I was just at work one day and knew my slave was home and figured I'd have a little fun.  I was quite taken with how I felt after I hit send on the word 'KNEEL' and spent the next few minutes zoning out in the work meeting I was in imagining my slave's reaction, and picturing him on his knees.  It's been fun!  And more than a little distracting, LOL.  

And since it was me who decided to start this, I expect a "present" from my slave tonight.  :-) 

As J said, the first one was 'KNEEL'.  i was home that day and saw i had a message from Her, but had no idea what was coming.  i caught my breath and then, with heart racing and face flushed i knelt.  i wrote back 'Yes My Lady' and waited.  It was 20 minutes before the phone beeped again, with the word 'RISE'.  i rose, texted back a 'Thank You My Lady' and went on with my day.

There have been a few more, and J has even started telling me Her expectations for some, just so i don't screw anything up and end up facing a punishment for my own inability to understand what She requires.  So far She has also texted me with:

NAKED - pretty self-explanatory, and at times not possible.  If i am in, say, the grocery store, when i get that one i am required to strip down as soon as i return home, text J when i do, and wait.  That way we prevent any law-breaking...which is good.  i'm happy to be J's prisoner, but don't have any interest in a criminal justice system where She is not judge, jury and executioner.

HOME - J texted me this when i was out running errands on a Saturday and She was home.  i immediately took my half-finished list of items to the register, paid and raced home.  Upon arriving home i was told to strip, and J then cuffed me to the bed and flogged me three times for every minute between when i got the text and when i got home.  It took 27 minutes to get home, so i was sooooore afterwards. :-)

STROKE - This was one where again She knew i was home.  Again, pretty self explanatory...i texted back 'Yes My Lady' and began stroking, knowing i was not to come without Her permission (as always...).  She eventually wrote back STOP, and that was that.  Teased, tormented, writhing (it took a while) but ultimately frustrated.  All by two words.

COLLAR - J texted me this one on Her way home, after explaining previously that it meant i was to strip, move to the entryway of our house with my collar, place it on the floor and kneel in front of it, awaiting Her return.  When J entered She found me in position, where i had been for about 15 minutes...She seemed pleased.

BAND - This one came to me at work.  And again, J had let me know what She had in mind.  Something we had played with before when She was away was my putting a rubberband tight across my inner thigh and then pulling it out and snapping it back as hard as i could.  It hurts!  And is a great way for Her to administer some pain while not with me.  For this text i went into the bathroom at work (which is pretty private), stripped off my pants and snapped the rubberband on the inside of each thigh 10 times, then on the underside.  It left some stripes and a delicious sting i felt most of the rest of the day...

i have no idea how often this kind of thing will be happening, and what new wicked ideas J has in store.  i do really enjoy this new game, and am particularly amazed at how potent it is because She only sends a single word.  i think anything longer would be less effective. 

Whatever happens, if nothing else i now have an entirely new relationship with the beeping sound my cell makes when receiving any text...the instant connection between that sound and my cock is only getting stronger, which makes me think that Pavlov guy was on to something with the whole psychology of connection sounds to actions.  I'm almost worried about  the day when i receive 4 or 5 texts in a row from whoever, and whether or not i'll be able to hold it together!


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  3. That is a great game, I cant wait to share with LO7