Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Orders from Afar...

J's been out of town for work for most of the last couple of weeks, and while that obviously means we can't play together, it doesn't mean we haven't been playing. Even from across the country She has been keeping me well in the palm of Her hand.

For starters, J left a series of daily orders to keep me fully in touch with the fact that i am still Her slave, even when we are apart. She designated a morning worship spot in our living room, and each morning before i did anything else i knelt there naked, nose to the floor for 20 full minutes. Once that was done i had permission to begin getting ready for the day.

Before i leave the house each day, J has ordered that i kneel and place one kiss on the toe of each of Her shoes in the closet while She is away. She has long ago had me line Her shoes in order in the closet and keep them arranged, so this is a matter of kneeling down and kissing each one as i crawl along the floor. It serves as a lovely last reminder before i leave the house of J's control, and helps me feel Her presence strongly before i leave our shared home.

J also ordered that each day while She is away i am to strip immediately upon returning home, kneeling on the cold tile of the entryway and kissing the floor 30 times, each time whispering "i belong to Mistress J." Then i am free to do whatever in the evenings, provided i keep Her house spotless and do not in any way touch my cock or masturbate.

We have had some wonderful phone sex, i had the pleasure of helping J cum one night while She was in Her hotel room which was wonderful. i have not been allowed release, which is of course driving me crazy but also of course up to J to provide release, or wait until She returns in a few days.

One thing She has started doing over the last few days is also sending me a daily email with additional tasks, requirements or commands. These have ranged from menial tasks at home like scrubbing the kitchen floor while clamped using only an old toothbrush to the more public and demeaning...each day is different, depending on her mood, and each email is full of surprises. Some examples:

-J ordered that i go into the bathroom at work (which is a single, pretty private bathroom) and spend 90 seconds masturbating, moving up and down my shaft and increasing the speed until i can barely stand it. i am not allowed to cum but must get as close as i can, and then go back to work as quickly as possible, ideally still hard and flushed from the experience.

-J has also ordered that i write "Property of J" on the shaft of my cock, and then write "J's slave" on each inner thigh. This meant a couple days of not going to the gym (for obvious reasons), as well as always knowing that those words were there while i was in a meeting, driving with a friend or wherever. She also ordered that i spend 15 minutes staring at the words that evening as soon as i got home as a reminder.

-i have also been made to figure out which compass direction J was from me, then find a spot that faces that direction on a wall and kneel there holding a poker chip against that wall for 20 minutes. i had to describe where it was in the house and She will verify it when She returns.

-J also ordered me to the grocery store while my nipples were clamped, and then had me pick out a number of humiliating items. i was also ordered to the mall while clamped to a Victoria's Secret, where J commanded i find the cutest sales woman and have her help me pick out a new bra for J while i was clamped. This was probably the one where i felt my heart race most of all, my face flush the whole time...though i suppose lots of men are like that at The Secret...wonder if they're all clamped, too?
-She has also twice emailed with a very specific time of day and a strict demand that i call Her at that exact minute. Whether She answered or not Her phone would log the call and She would know. Luckily i made both, though i did have to leave a meeting to make one of the calls. Talk about feeling fully controlled!

-i have also had multiple emails ordering me to be fully naked from the moment i enter the house until i leave, usually wearing some kind of accessory like my collar, nipple clamps, gates of hell or something else.

-She also ordered me to do something to myself we have never done together: rubberbanding. Specifically i had to kneel with legs spread and then slide a rubberband over each thigh. Then i had to pull each out and snap it back 10 times on the top of each thigh, then 10 times underneath. i must say i was amazed at how effective that was, especially as something i can easily be made to do to myself. J even called once to listen in, and seemed delighted with the loud SNAP! sounds, as well as with my whimpering...

i am (of course) ready to explode, and am in awe of how much control J is wielding from afar, and how much She seems to be enjoying it. When She left the daily commands it was already more than i expected, and the new surprise emails have been a new touch i did not expect. She gets back this weekend and i cannot wait to see Her for all kinds of reasons, not only because we truly do miss each other when we are apart, but also to kneel at Her feet and thank Her profusely for keeping me so fully in her lovely grasp while She was away. 


  1. I adore J's control from afar. She's really using her imagination to insure that you're always thinking of her whether she's there or not. As you say, it keeps you in a heightened state of arousal and a constant wondering at what she's going to demand next. Perfect! Combining ritual worship with unpredictable commands makes for a happy sub, don't you think? Bravo for J!

    1. It makes for a very happy sub! It has been such an amazing way for me to still feel Her presence, even when She is thousands of miles away. And the heightened arousal and constant wondering (and checking of email almost constantly) has kept mind and body whirling...=-)