Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Tradition: Nightly Cuffing

J has recently introduced a new tradition, She has not yet said how long it will last but for now (as always!) i am going with the flow...and enjoying the ride.

One night about a week ago when we were getting ready for bed J ordered me to strip and kneel at the foot of the bed with my head lowered and wrists behind my back. She then cuffed my hands tightly behind me and ordered me to service Her wonderful sex with my tongue. After making Her cum three times (and feeling such joy at being of service) J kissed me lightly, uncuffed me and we went to bed.

Before She drifted off to sleep, though, she purred, "well done, slave. We may have to try that again tomorrow..." in my ear. i was of course already hard as can be, but there was no relief for me that night.

True to Her word, J ordered me to the same position the following night. This time after i was cuffed i was blindfolded and clamps were put on my nipples. J then ordered me to stand and then started mercilessly teasing my cock while tugging and yanking on the chain connecting the clamps. As always, the mixtrue of pain and pleasure was incredibly intense, and soon i was visibly shaking and having a hard time even keeping my balance.

"Awwww....having a hard time there, dear?" J whispered wickedly.

"yes my Lady," i replied through dry, eager lips.

"Good," J replied with a laugh.

She kept teasing me for what seemed like forever and then removed my blindfold and clamps, grabbed my cock and stood before me, staring into my eyes.

"Hmmmmm...I think that's enough for tonight, slave. Don't you agree?" She smiled as She watched my eyes widen while She was still tormenting my hard cock.

"Whatever you say, my Lady," i replied...the only correct reply, even if i was SCREAMING inside.

"Good boy," J cooed, and then She uncuffed me and we went to sleep.  It took me a while.

We have now made this a nightly ritual, though each night has been different. J has had me bring Her to multiple orgasms again, my eager mouth straining to please Her sex. One night She had me kiss every inch of Her feet and legs, smiling as i struggled to reach every inch with my hands bound.

Another night She blindfolded me, clamped me and then gave me a series of quick, sharp slaps to the face before forcing me down and flogging me to within an inch of my life, my face ground down on the carpet. That was obviously a night i had displeased Her...

And one glorious night J simply kissed me roughly, then tenderly, then ordered me to lie on the bed. i was allowed inside of Her and, after She came twice, allowed to explode inside of Her. And explode i did, one of the most intense orgasms i have had in QUITE a while. :-)

All in all it has been a lovely tradition, and a great way to spice up bedtime. Not sure how long it will last--that's up to J as always--but even if we stop doing it each night it's great to think She has yet another tool in Her ever-growing toolbox for keeping me Hers.


  1. J has proven herself an expert at keeping you aroused and frustrated, while making sure that she gets all the benefits of her sub's services. Her delightfully wicked mind clearly enjoys tormenting you, and her occasional rewarding of you by allowing penetration and explosion merely offers you a carrot while she applies the stick to suit her moods. It's much more effective to allow a sub a kernel of orgasmic hope than employing complete denial - as I'm sure you have learned. Once again, bravos for J.

  2. i could not agree more...i'm still in awe of how J manipulates me, and how eeasily She takes me in hand and makes me truly Hers. And You are exactly right-the key part is definitely that She always leave a glimmer of hope.

    i will pass along Your kudos, good to hear from You...i miss Your writing (even if i totally understand why You stepped away from it). Hope all is well for you and Karl.