Monday, August 27, 2012

List of 10 Things...

Now that J and i are back in the swing of things (after my unfortunate transgression and deserved punishment) Her wicked imagination continues to swirl, and my astonishment only grows at Her newest ideas.

We have been married for ten (amazing, wonderful, glorious!) years now, and even though it's nowhere near our anniversary--which is in April--J recently decided to honor those ten years by starting up some Lists of Ten Things. When She first proposed the idea i was (as is usually the case) some combination of confused, excited and a wee bit fearful as to what was to come, and as ever those were the right emotions.

The first List was Ten Things To Smack My Slave With In One Evening.  J announced this list and then ordered me to fetch ten different things She could use to smack me with, and to do it quickly at Her direction.

Here's what we came up with:

1.  Flogger
2.  Wooden kitchen spoon
3.  Belt (with buckle...ow.)
4.  Extension cord
5.  Soft leather glove (mmmmm, sensation change...)
6.  Ping-pong paddle
7.  Cane
8.  Shoe (especially for the face)
9.  Small tree branch (which brought back memories)
And...10.  Broom handle

J had me gather all Ten Things and then we commenced to have a gleeful (for her), painful (for me) using all ten of those on all different parts of my body.  i am still sore...

The next List came a couple days later, when J decided i needed to do Ten Things To Give Her Pleasure In One Evening.  i was left to my own devices for most of this, and here's what i did:

1.  Giving Her an hour-long foot rub with lotion
2.  Drawing a bubble bath with lit candles surrounding the tub and me kneeling before Her, eyes lowered
3.  Providing oral pleasure until She had multiple orgasms (natch)
4.  Baking brownies wearing nothing but an apron and a collar
5.  Organizing Her music on Her computer, phone and ipod so Her playlists are updated and all links were working
6.  Researching local spa treatments and arranging an appointment for Her to receive an afternoon of bliss
7.  Painting Her nails (fingers and toes), and making sure they all look perfect
8.  Reading poetry aloud to Her from some of Her favorite poets
9.  Cooking Her favorite food and serving as Her table while She enjoyed dining on the couch with a favorite movie on
10.  Kissing every inch of Her wonderful body as She stretched out in bed before sleeping, massing those parts She demanded, rubbing warming lotion on others, and serving a couple *special* areas

Not too bad if i do say so myself...and i believe J was pleased. At the end She took my face in Her hands, kissed me gently and told me i was a wonderful slave. It was really quite romantic, actually.

i'm guessing both of these lists will be a part of our future, and i can only wonder what the next List of Ten will be.  And J did mention that She would be open to any suggestions from readers, so...:-)   


  1. I think you did really well with both of the lists of 10! It's a lovely idea. How about 10 ways you show your adoration? Things like kissing the ground after each step She takes, perhaps writing a poem celebrating your worship of Her? Just an idea. Glad things are going well for you both.

    1. Thanks knickers! We have found it a lovely idea for sure. And i love your suggestion, i'll pass it on to J and maybe you'll see it in a future post. At the very least i think there will be some poem-writing in my future!

  2. How was the extension cord? I have never heard of that before but I bet it hurts like the dickens! Does my david need to experience that?

    1. It did hurt like the dickens! In fact, if there's anything to describe something hurting more than the dickens i'd go with that.

      We honestly didn't do too much with the extension cord, J was a little worried about doing serious damage (She is so thoughtful!). She smacked me with it with the cord doubled over and that HURT, and we both were worried it was too much. From the few we did i had marks for days afterwards...for now i don't think we'll be using that again, though J has teased me that She can always save it for serious offenses.

      Loved Your last post by the way, very wonderful stuff and i think J might be dragging me into a sex shop for a similar experience very soon!