Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nightly Foot Rubs

One of the best ideas we had for deepening our Female-led marriage was to institute a rule where J receives at least one foot massage from me every day. The length and details of the foot massage varies and is (of course!) up to Her, but even if it is only a few minutes it is required that i worship Her feet at least once daily.

This has been wonderful for many reasons. For one thing it definitely helped J feel more comfortable as She discovered Her more dominant side, especially early on. The idea of a daily expectation really helped create the space for Her to feel more and more comfortable *telling* me what to do, as opposed to *asking* for a favor. i think for many submissive men that distinction between asking and telling is HUGE, it helps drive us into sub space and make more explicit the clear power She is taking over us, which at least for me was definitely something i craved.

i still remember the thrill when J started to be more and more demanding around Her nightly foot rub. Once we were actually in bed kissing and sliding our hands over each other, clearly involved in foreplay, when J grabbed me by the hair, stared right into my eyes and said, "Didn't you forget something today, dear?"  i gulped and swallowed a meek reply, and She simply said, "Get down there!" and sent me away to massage Her feet. i rubbed lotion into every inch and massaged Her feet for a good hour before She told me to finish up. Once i was done i leaned in for a kiss, which She obliged, but then simply said "that's all you're going to get tonight...maybe that will help you to remember."  my mind swirled and reeled, and honestly i didn't sleep all that well that night, but it felt like a milestone and it was absolutely thrilling to see J feel that kind of control, and so clearly enjoy it.

Other nights were more subtle, but just as wonderful. Just the simple moving away from "Will you rub my feet?" to things like "Go get that new lotion, tonight you'll be busy for a while, dear" or "Come here, you know what to do, so get busy" to (a favorite) the times She will simply get my attention and then slide one bare foot out from under a blanket and point to it with a commanding look on Her face. All of it makes me reel with delight.

This has also been wonderful because i adore J's feet. They are very small (she is a small woman in general) with adorable toes, a lovely arch and beautiful skin. Our nightly foot rubs are also lovely in that i know how much J enjoys them, Her whole body relaxing, eyes closing and soft murmurs of contentment and approval escaping Her lips. In fact, i used to massage J's feet from time to time well before we even considered something like a Female-led relationship (or honestly even were aware that such a thing existed...) just because it made Her happy. Those foot rubs were some of my own first awakenings to my submissive desires, which has led down the amazing road we are on now.

Along with that, there is such intimacy in a foot rub, which is all the more important in a world where we spend more and more time plugged into electronics. There have been many nights where we have each been working on computers or in different rooms or somehow otherwise separated, and where the nightly ritual of a foot massage has brought together. Some of our best conversations happen when J is stretched out on the couch and i am kneeling at Her feet, sliding my thumb along Her arch or gently caressing Her ankle as i massage between each toe.

i cannot recommend enough establishing nightly rituals like that one. We have instituted some others as well that i will talk about in later posts, but the foot massages were really the key for J to unlock the dominant desires within Her, and come to embrace and enjoy Her newfound role and all the benefits and fun She could get from Her new pet/slave/adorer.

It has also been a big help in another part of our FLR that was tricky at first: punishment. J was not really all that comfortable at first with the idea of punishment, but She recognized the importance of it (no sense having rules if there's no motivation, right?) and was game to try. We progressed fitfully with punishment until the nightly foot rubs. Having that daily expectation helped J to embrace the whole idea of expectations and that it was really about Her enjoyment and Her needs, which in turn helped Her to come to understand better and ultimately enjoy punishing me for misdeeds. Missing a foot rub, no matter the reason, is absolutely a punishable offense, and J has really come to be a creative, strict yet loving giver of proper punishments. More to come on that later as well...=-)

So guys, get down there and rub Her feet often and whenever She wishes. There is not a Woman in the world who doesn't enjoy a foot rub, and if you're wired submissively like i am there are few places better than at the feet of your Wife or Girlfriend. And who knows, it might lead to a whole world of new, and amazing, possibilities...


  1. I (27) totally agree! Men have to worship wife's feet 24/7! A professional Domme - I've visited last year - has given me a real good advice for a good FLR:

    Give a foot rub when she demands,
    kiss her feet well if she commands!
    Lick her toe jam in between
    suck her sweat-socks dry and clean!

    I obey in this sense and the Ladies like it! No discussions, no backtalk is allowed - only a servile foot lick (and toe suck) is required - with doggish obedience! It's good for the Ladies and also good for my behaviour. I like being strictly dominated by Ladies stinky feet and I know that's my duty to lick and to suck her toes until all of their foot sweat (and particles) have been disappeared. For my opinion all men should be kept as foot slaves - always disciplined by strong governesses. The whip sounds best on man's naked ass when he's forced licking her toes in between! A true toe slave

    1. Being under the thumb of my Domme I'm forced to do in the same way. Licking her toe jam in between is my daily duty. No discussions allowed ...

    2. I'm under my wife's command since marriage (10 years ago)! She rules very strict over me and I've to obey her doggishly. Finest pedicure, servile foot rubbing and cleaning her shoes are my daily duties; and by the way, she insists on intensive nylon toe sucking after her shopping tours! First this was the pure horror for me (her foot sweat is really stinky and terrible) but now I've accepted my submissive role as her foot servant (for reason my wife is a very big and strong bride and she can beat me up without problems, but I fear the whip). We both live in a small town in N.C. and I've noticed there are many couples like us: Many of my fellow employees also live in a strict female led relationship and have to bow down to their wives feet (and worship them)! Yes, I agree, men are slaves!

  2. I'm a small boy (22) - submissive a little bit I know - and my strong girlfriend (25) treats me in the same way. I'm forced to pamper her feet every evening when she returns from work - especially sucking her sweaty toes and licking her toe jam in between. That's really cruel for me because I'm not a fetishist for feet but when I refuse her commands she beats me up with no mercy. After being humiliated with this terrible toes sucking she often orders me to satisfy her pussy completely; with my tongue and with my dick! And if my sexual efforts don't please to her I would feel her great wide leather belt on my naked ass - while sucking the toe parts of her sweatiest sport socks in my mouth! My girl friend is a strict believer in foot slavery - but only for the males! It's her ultimative religion and so it's my horrible pain!

    1. I'm a very strong domme from Austria and my german boyfriend is strictly kept under my thumb! When I command him to my feet he has to worship them all the way - especially my toes - including licking my toe jam in between! Yes, it's cruel, I know, but it's not allowed for him to refuse this kind of worshipping! He knows very well I would beat him up merciless if he should fail! By the way: many of my girl friends agree with me and so they also train their boys in that way! The tongue of a boy has to lick girls toes in a contrite manner and he has to swallow the toe jam willingly!

  3. When I was young (16) my step mom (38) made me crawl under her chair to kiss her feet for respect every morning and every evening. On sunday afternoon - when she has invited her girl friends for a hen party - I also had to crawl under the table for pampering the feet of the ladies: especially kissing, licking and sucking their sweaty nylon cladded toes. Refusing their humiliating commands was not possible for me - my step mom would have been used the whip immediately. Nevertheless when I was grown up I have accepted my submissive role - well brated with good manners and with a great respect for the Ladies. I kiss their feet whenever they command me to do it - and I agree being strictly disciplined when they think so. It's good for my behaviour and so it also would be for other boys!