Friday, January 20, 2012

The Joy of Clamps

We have a number of toys here in the house, having slowly added bits and pieces here and there in the last couple of years. But among the flogger, plugs, collars, cuffs and everything else, by far J's favorite tool to use on me is nipple clamps. We have two sets of nipple clamps, each with their uses:

First we have a set of tiny, strong clamps that pinch down tight on a very small surface area of the body, usually my nips but sometimes elsewhere. These are Her 'task clamps', the ones She has me wear when She feels i need to better focus while performing a specific request like cooking dinner or doing laundry. The clamps bite in and sting from the moment She puts them on, a smile on her face as she give the chain between them a quick tug.

The other day She had me put them on and then sent me out to the store to get some lotion for massaging her later that night. Walking around the store feeling those clamps dig in tight made my heart beat a mile a minute, and i was sure that everyone (especially the attractive young woman who helped me pick out the best lotion) knew that i was clamped. Feeling the chain slide across my stomach, the clamps yanked and pulled as my shirt brushed against it, was exquisite. When i returned J was quite pleased with the lotion i had picked out, and with a smile said She would have to use those clamps more often when She sends me out on errands.

But the ones J looovvves are our clover clamps. For anyone who doesn't know about these amazing creations, clover clamps are clamps connected by a chain, and the amazing thing about them is that they are designed so that the clamps dig in tighter anytime the chain is yanked or pulled. It is an amazing experience, one that definitely keeps a hubslave at attention!

The other night i came into the living room and my gorgeous wife was lying on Her side on the couch, twirling our clover clamps around Her lovely finger. She beckoned to me and i immediately came to Her side, kneeling next to the couch as she pulled my shirt off over my head.

"Now slave," She whispered. "you are going to bring me a glass of wine, that red we opened the other day. you will also slice some cheese, bring the strawberries and crackers on a plate and return swiftly. And these will help you focus," She added.

J attached a clamp to each of my nipples, then gave the chain a quick yank. i gasped at the sudden jolt, my breathing heavy and eyes wide. i always feel so submissive almost immediately once i've been clamped, and tonight was no exception. i found myself leaning towards J's face, yearning for a kiss. She of course put Her hand up and pushed me away, holding the chain as i fell away for another quick jolt.

"Oh no you don't, slave," She snapped. "Now go."

i hustled as fast as i could, gathering all She had requested and returning to Her side in record time. She smiled and gave me a "well done," which made my brain swoon. She then took out one of the ropes we have in the house, one we usually use for tying me to the bed.

"I need you on a leash."  i frantically tied a knot around the clamp chain, making a double knot just to be sure it was secure. as i handed Her the other end, She smiled and pointed at the TV remote across the room. i knew what to do and immediately stood up and started towards the remote. But i was stopped short by a pull on the rope, which yanked the chain away from my body and caused the clamps to dig in even tighter then before.

i turned and looked at J, but She just smiled. She loosened her grip a little and the rope went slack, and i began heading for the remote again, only to be stopped short by another yank of the rope.

J laughed and made the rope dance up and down while still taut, furthering torturing my throbbing nipples. "This is fun, I need to tether you more often. I love watching you struggle like this, and it's a good way to see how eager you really are to serve me."

i looked at Her with longing and adoration, yearning to make this amazing woman happy and thrilled that She was enjoying Herself so much at my expense. i turned again to get the remote and She allowed me to almost make it before pulling me back. i could almost touch it, but the clamps were definitely giving me pause.

"Well, go on, slave. If you can't even follow a simple request like this I don't think you really deserve the privilege of serving me, do you?" I shuddered and gazed at Her, and She simply smiled and flicked Her wrist towards the remote again, her hand twirling the rope as She watched me.

i stretched with all i had, the chain pulled as tight as possible. i could feel the clamps digging in, one beginning to slide off even, which brought new and thrilling spikes of pain to my by now amazingly tender nipples. Finally i was able to get a finger on the remote and slide it across the chair, dropping it to the floor where i could pick it up.

"VERY good, slave," She smiled. "Now I want to reel you in. On your knees, dear."

i quickly dropped to my knees, remote in hand and body and soul in the palm of Her hand. J began to pull the rope back in, pulling me in along with it as i walked on my knees back to Her. As i returned i couldn't help but try and lean in for another kiss. Her response was to let me get painfully close before whispering a soft "no, slave. Not yet," and easing me away. She then reached down quickly and grabbed each clamp, squeezing the ends together to open them and remove them from my nipples. i yelped at the new pain as they were removed, feeling the blood rush and throbbing go to even greater heights.

J grabbed my right nipple and twisted hard. i yelped quickly again, then focused on controlling myself and keeping quiet. Tears were streaming down my face, my breath was coming in short gasps, and my eyes were wide and locked into Hers. But i was able to stop my whimpering long enough for Her satisfaction.

"Good job, dear. Keep that whimpering to a minimum from now on, because this is definitely not the last time we are doing this.  Now, get down there and give my feet some attention, slave."

She pointed to Her beautiful feet and i dutifully slid down and began massaging them, as happy and content a slave as there ever was.


  1. Wow, great post!
    I think it's safe to say that I am a masochist. My Queen was reluctant to play with my nipples, because HER nipples are generally so sensitive. She has dropped that a bit and has become more rough with them. We haven't got to clamps yet, but I think that could be soon.

    My wife has said she is not comfortable issuing orders like you describe here. But I think this is a journey, and she is probably becoming more and more comfortable. She doesn't hesitate to require her feet being massaged. She feels pretty comfortable ordering a drink from me. I love it when she 'orders' sex toys - most of which cause me some sort of pain or discomfort. There is something deeply submissive about fetching a crop or whip that will be directed at my own genitals.

    I will try to read through your blog - I enjoy your writing. Does your wife know about your blog?


    1. Thanks! Nipple clamps are J's favorite tool, and holy crap do they drive me deep into sub space with the delivery of pain and pleasure. Nothing gets my attention quicker than a tug on my clamps...

      As far as issuing orders, J seemed to grow more and more comfortable with that as time went along. She also had said early on that She didn't enjoy "just ordering me around" as She put it, but that has DEFINITELY changed, and i am thrilled about it. i think it also helped that i worked harder to anticipate ways to serve her and simply do them without waiting to be told. That helped J realize the wide array of ways She could have me serve Her, and i think grow more comfortable that submitting to Her made me genuinely happy.

      Sounds like your Queen is steadily moving that way as well, and hopefully with a little more time ordering you about will just seem natural. And i agree, being told to deliver the toys that J plans to use to torment me with is one of my favorite sub moments. Makes my head spin every time as i fetch whatever item(s) and deliver them to Her.

      Thanks also for the compliments, i am a big fan of your blog as well (and love the title) so i am glad to hear you will try to drop by from time to time. And no, J doesn't know about this yet, i just started last month and figured i'd test drive the idea of writing the blog for a while (and make sure i keep up with it) before sharing it with Her. So far it has been a pleasure (kind of like a little sub diary) and i've really enjoyed the comments, both on here and also getting to comment on other blogs.

      Keep up the great writing yourself, nice to meet a kindred spirit!