Thursday, February 9, 2012

Exquisite Denial

Last night J and i were in bed, snuggling against the cold, when She began to slide Her fingers along my arm and bare chest, a clear sign She was interested in, um, more than snuggling.  i of course quickly responded, a low moan escaping my lips as i rolled over towards Her, our legs intertwining as we locked lips in a deep kiss.  my tongue began to explore Her neck, something J loves, and i slid Her sleep shirt off and began to worship Her amazing breasts.  As my tongue flicked and nibbled Her growing nipples, J arched Her back, closing Her eyes and spreading Her legs a bit, inviting me between them.  i slid in between Her gorgeous thighs, my cock sliding on Her pussy as we both began rocking our hips in rhythm, kissing each other passionately.

"I want you inside me.  Now."  J whispered.  i was, of course, more than eager to comply.  While we are exploring a Female-led relationship and J has definitely been taking more control in the bedroom (and everywhere else!), She does still enjoy sex in all its forms, including the more traditional me-on-top position of old.  i slowly slid my cock inside of Her, moaning with pleasure as i entered.  We kissed deeply as our hips rocked in unison, slow moans of pleasure escaping both our lips.  i was, as i always am when with J in this way, in heaven.  But i was not prepared for what happened next.

"Stop."  J whispered in my ear, a smile on Her face as my astonished eyes looked into Hers.  i stopped, with some difficulty, and gazed at Her.  She grinned and caressed my face in Her hand, then gave me a quick smack with Her palm on my cheek.

" are you doing, dear?" J smiled again.  i was barely able to form coherent words, and simply garbled at Her.  "That good, huh?  Well..."  J grabbed each of my nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and gave a sharp twist, immediately sending waves of sharp pain and driving me into subspace.  "Let's try something different, dear...go and fetch me a glass of wine.  And while you're at it, bring your cuffs and my toy."

i hesitated, still inside Her, my brain slow to process this information i guess.  "Did I stutter?" came J's swift reply.  "No, my Lady," i answered.  "Then Go!"

The yearning to stay inside Her was so strong, but i slid myself off of J and set about the task She had set.  Upon my return She was sitting up with the pillows against the headboard.  i handed Her a glass of wine and knelt at the side of the bed waiting.  After She took a few sips J placed the glass down and ordered me up on the bed.

"Turn around and give me those hands," She ordered.  i complied and felt our fur-lined leather cuffs slide around each of my wrists, then locking together to bind my arms behind me.  " that should keep you out of trouble," J laughed.  She had me turn around to face Her and gave me a deep, passionate kiss, then grabbed my hair lovingly and guided my head down between Her legs.

i immediately and enthusiastically set to work, my tongue exploring Her, flicking along each inner thigh before setting to work on Her now dripping sex.  J's moans and gasps told me that i was doing well, and i could hear Her enjoy a few more sips of wine as i attended to Her pussy.  At the risk of sounding egotistical, i believe that i have become pretty good at serving J orally, and am proud of my improvement in this intimate way of bringing Her to orgasm.

As my tongue moved faster and faster J's hips began to buck and Her low moans started to become louder.  She grabbed my hair as i worked ever harder, and screamed as i brought Her to orgasm, Her lovely thighs squeezing each side of my head tightly and back arched as She came.  The moment after bringing J to orgasm orally like this is one of my favorite sub moments, especially on nights like this where it feels like She really enjoyed it, when her thighs almost crush my head completely.

She laid back, breathing hard and smiling.  "Well done, slave...very well done."  The best words to hear from Your lady, am i right?

i lay there between Her legs as J relaxed and had another sip of wine, then was ordered onto my back next to Her.  J ran Her fingers along my bare chest, teasing each nipple, my body so attuned to Her touch that every second was exquisite.  She then grabbed my cock and began stroking it gently.

"Hmmmm....seems like we could put this to use," She murmured.

J then climbed on top of me, sliding Her now dripping sex up and down my body and over my throbbing cock.  The feeling was almost indescribable as She then sat up and slid Herself down on to me, gasping as i entered Her once again.

"Now let's see...keep still and do NOT cum.  Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes, my Lady," i breathed hoarsely.


J then reached for Her "toy," a small pink vibrator with three speed settings.  She turned it to the lowest setting and began sliding it over Her pussy, moaning as Her already sensitive sex began to immediately respond.  As She slid up and down on me, increasing the speed of Her vibe, it was incredibly difficult not to cum (and just as hard not to start bucking my hips like a wild animal), but i was able to persevere.

"Do you see, slave? You are nothing more than another one of my sex toys, here for my pleasure," J said wickedly.  "Let me hear you say it."

i repeated it back to Her, a quiver in my voice and my breath coming in short gasps.  J smiled and laughed softly and had me say it two more times.

J came soon afterwards, wonderfully expressive as i gazed up at the incredible woman sitttng above me, using me for Her enjoyment.  She then slowly slid Herself off of me and snuggled in next to me, smiling as She put Her head on my chest, Her hair spilling out over my quivering body.

"Well done, slave.  I am proud of you, and your control is getting  MUCH better," She whispered.  i whimpered and moaned in return, my hips bucking of their own accord as i yearned for release.

" need some help, there?"  "Hmmmm..."

J began sliding Her hands over my cock, stroking slowly at first, then with more speed.  She mocked my whimpering, repeating it back to me and smiling.  As my eyes widened (one sign that i was getting to the edge) She gazed at me and simply said "no, no no, dear...not tonight," and then removed Her hands from my cock, sliding over to Her side of the bed and picking up Her wine glass.

"Not tonight, dear.  I think I'll watch you writhe for a bit, and then we are going to sleep."

"Ye...yes, my Lady," I breathed.  With my hands still bound behind me i was in agony, yearning for release.  i twitched and writhed on the bed, whimpering as i realized there was no release to come tonight.  J, for Her part, seemed to really enjoy the "show," giggling as i struggled.  She would reach over and just brush Her hand across my leg or arm or chest or cock, and it was like a jolt of electricity.  i jumped every time She touched me, and She enjoyed that VERY much, smiling and laughing each time.

Eventually (after what seemed like forever!) i began to calm a little.  J had me roll over so She could remove my cuffs, my shoulders now aching from the bondage and activity.  She gazed deep into my eyes, then kissed me one last time, and with a simple "Now NO touching yourself tonight," rolled over to go to sleep.  i cuddled in next to Her, wrapping my arm around Her beautiful body.  While i did not go to sleep for quite some time (i wonder why...?), the feeling was better than any dream.


  1. Congratulations are in order on several fronts for this posting. First and foremost, to J for some quite delicious teasing and denying. She definitely knows what she's doing. Second, to you for your ability to remain under control and obey her admonitions against "losing it". And third, for the quality of your writing and your appreciation of what is being done to you.

    Also happy to see the endearing comments concerning nipple clamps in a previous posting of yours. As you probably know from my blog, there are few items that I enjoy using more, and their power as a pain/pleasure tool cannot be overemphasized. Keep up the good work, J.

    1. Thank You for the lovely comment Lady Grey, and for the congratulations. Means a lot coming from someone like You. =-)

      And i agree that J does indeed "know what She's doing," She seems to grow more and more each day in Her Domme role, which has meant a lot in making me a better husband and really improved my service to Her. i am constantly amazed at my good fortune to have such an amazing Wife willing to give me the time and attention to take me in hand and take control as She has.

      And yes, nipple clamps are definitely one of J's favorites (and one of mine), and i am constantly amazed at how powerful they are in driving me into subspace and delivering delicious pain and pleasure. We use our clover clamps more than any other toy, and i'm sure that will continue.

      i will pass on Your compliments to J, and am delighted to think of You possibly reading future posts. And i will be sure to post about how we have used Your "Reconsider" idea soon, thanks again for that amazing new tool for J, it has definitely been helpful in getting me to improve in my performance of a couple of tasks.