Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Fun Evening

Last night we played a new kind of game, one of the best we ever have.  As J has grown more and more in Her comfort level as the dominant one in our marriage, Her wicked imagination has been more and more unleashed. Last night was a great example...

We were enjoying a quiet evening at home, watching a movie and generally basking in each other's company. As is required every night, i was down at Her feet, rubbing lotion and massaging Her beautiful soles, my attention fixed on Her needs. J was deeply enjoying Her massage, but felt like She needed to keep my focus where it belonged.  She ordered me to fetch the clover nipple clamps, which She attached to each nipple roughly, tying a short length of rope so She could tug away to Her heart's content. Which She did often, sometimes if She felt like i was wavering, and sometimes just because my gasps and moans amuse Her.

Then J decided She wanted to try something new. She told me to finish up her foot massage and then had me crawl along the couch until i was kneeling at Her side. She then ordered me to sit on the floor, my legs out in front of me and ass down on the carpet. J grabbed the chain on my clamps (my nipples were throbbing at this point!) and pulled it out tight from me and down towards my waist. She took a piece of string and tied it to the middle of the clamps, then looped it around my big toe and tied it taut.

"Stand up, dear," She whispered.

As i stood i realized that the string (oh, wicked string!) meant that i could barely stand at all, and could only stand bent over at the waist. Any attempt to straighten up meant a sharp tug on the chain, thus digging the clover clamps in even tighter. There was also a sharp tug on my toe, which was not a comfortable feeling either. i stood, helplessly bent over, my cheeks reddening and breath quickening at this new peril.

J laughed to herself, tugging the chain and string to make sure everything was secure. "Excellent," She breathed, a smile crossing Her face. "I like seeing you bent over like this, where you belong, respectful to me and helpless in my power."

"Yes, my Lady," i whispered, my cock hard and heart racing.

"Now let's take you out for a spin, dear. Go and fetch me the paddle and short flogger. To start."

i walked into our bedroom and fetched both, walking with an awkward gait to minimize the pressure on the clamps. Any wrong step brought a sharp reminder of my predicament, but i was able to return to the living room reasonably swiftly.

"Kind of slow, but it is de-light-ful to see you so helpless!  Now lets test your control of your own body. Turn around and take two steps away from me," J ordered in a commanding voice. i am amazed at how much more confident She sounds, a huge change over the last few months. It also sounds like there is real joy and delight in Her voice when She has me like this, which i am so happy for.

i turned and before i could even prepare...SMACK. J had brought Her small leather paddle down on my exposed ass. i gasped at the sting, but what i was not ready for was my body's instinctive reaction to rear up and try to straighten. This brought a STRONG yank on the nipple clamps, and i gasped and groaned as they burned.  The string held fast and the pain was palpable. i knew what was coming next.

"You see, slave? You need to learn to keep still, and keep quiet. And I think this will help," She said wickedly.

As J rained down blows with the paddle i fought (and often lost) to keep still. Each smack made my ass burn, and each time i faltered and rose up, a second burn in my nipples made Her message clear. Tears began streaming down my face and my breath came out in harsh, labored bursts.

J then ordered me to step one more step away. The whoosh in the air was my only warning as Her leather flogger came down across my ass and the back of my legs. This new pain, stingier and sharper then the paddle, caused me to revert right back, yanking my torso upwards and being held down by the clamps on my nipples. i faltered, almost stumbled, but stayed up.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk, dear. You were doing better, but apparently you need much more practice," J barked out, Her voice sterner than ever. "Practice" started right then, as She worked my ass and legs for what seemed like forever, each blow coming at a different angle and force, the constant changing making it hard to keep still. Again and again i yelped and whimpered as the pain in my ass and nipples traded places. i began to find myself, though, and was amazed at how i did improve, if not nearly enough.

"Hmmmm...well, you are getting better, but we clearly have much more work to do. But that's probably enough for tonight."

"Thank You, my Lady," i whispered hoarsely, my face wet with sweat and cock dripping.

"Now two more things before I release you. First, get down there and lick up the mess you made." i crawled on the floor and licked up the small puddle my engorged cock had made, eagerly lapping away to make sure i got it all.

"Good. Now go and get me some ice cream, bring me that small pint of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer and I will let you go. Maybe."

i hobbled over to the kitchen and opened the freezer. The ice cream in question was way in the back of the top shelf, and i realized i would not be able to reach it. "What's taking so long?" came the question from the couch. i realized then that this was a setup, that J knew the ice cream would be hard to reach. But there was a way...i lifted my bound toe off the ground, and standing awkwardly on one leg was able to get enough slack to reach into the fridge and get the ice cream. i was panting as i returned to my now seemingly normal bent over position. Turning to go back to the living room i saw J in the doorway, smiling.

"Good work, dear. That was fun to watch, and I commend you on your obedience and creativity. Now come here."

i wobbled over to J, who promptly grabbed each clamp and removed it. i gasped and moaned as the blood rushed back to my nipples. J took my chin in her hand and lifted my head to look into my eyes. She grabbed each nipple and twisted roughly, and as i gasped and twitched She said simply, "What do you say, dear?"

i marveled at Her and whispered a deeply heartfelt "Thank You, my Lady." She released my nipples and i immediately dropped to my knees and bent over and kissed each of Her feet, whispering "Thank You, thank you, thank you," as i kissed each one three times.

With that J smiled and led me into the living room for another movie. She pulled me close and stroked my hair, and i felt rapturously happy.


  1. A little puddle? Did you cum just from the torture and whipping alone?

    1. i didn't necessarily cum from the torture, but there was definitely some pre-cum leaking out that dripped on the floor, and which J of course expected me to clean up. There are definitely times that i get a little...messy during play, trying to work on that but for now expected to clean it up immediately, and usually with my tongue.

      Thanks for reading Miss Julie! =-)

  2. Help Mistress has read this blog and tonight She intends to tie my cloverleaf clamps to my toe and cane me. She thinks your description was wonderful and is in love with you Mistress.

    1. Glad to hear that Help Mistress liked the idea...and hope you don't live to regret it. =-) Thanks for the comment and the compliment, look forward to hearing about your evening!